Magnum, P.I. - Season 4

CBS (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Home From the Sea
    Home From the Sea
    Episode 1
    Magnum's tradition of spending the Fourth of July alone at sea turns to a life-and-death battle when he's capsized, and a current takes him further and further from land. He uses his memories of family to keep himself alive while Higgins, T.C., and Rick begin to search for him.
  • Luther Gillis: File #521
    When Thomas and old-school private eye Luther Gillis encounter each other in a seedy hotel room with a dead drug dealer as they separately investigate the whereabouts of Nancy Perkins, a St. Louis runaway, they decide to team up to find the missing girl after the police burst into the room and arrest them on suspicion of murder.moreless
  • Smaller Than Life
    Smaller Than Life
    Episode 3
    With Thomas laid up in the hospital, Rick gets T.C. and Higgins to help a childhood friend who makes one fantastic claim after another about why he needs to get hold of a valuable figurine.
  • Distant Relative
    Distant Relative
    Episode 4
    When Thomas reluctantly agrees to chaperone Rick's 22-year-old sister, who promptly runs off and is murdered, he finds himself blamed by Rick and trying both to find the killers and stop Rick from exacting bloody vengeance.
  • Limited Engagement
    Limited Engagement
    Episode 5
    Magnum's investigation into a rash of convenience store thefts leads him to meet two elderly sisters who claim to be victims of a slumlord.
  • Letter to a Duchess
    When Higgins pens a love note for a visiting English duchess, she thinks it's from Magnum and clearly reciprocates. Meanwhile, Magnum gets ready for the annual surf-ski race.
  • Squeeze Play
    Squeeze Play
    Episode 7
    Robin bets use of the Robin's Nest for a year against a magazine publisher on the outcome of a softball game between the magazine's team and the King Kamehameha team. Meanwhile, Magnum tries to track down the ex-husband of a team member who's owed her alimony.
  • A Sense of Debt
    A Sense of Debt
    Episode 8
    Magnum piggybacks collecting a debt due to T.C. with a trip to see a Tigers homestand. Meanwhile, T.C. steps into the ring to take the place of a boxer he hit with Magnum's Ferrari.
  • The Look
    The Look
    Episode 9
    A disc jockey whom Magnum remembers from his time in the Vietnam War asks for his help in locating her lover, whom she lost contact with during the conflict, and finding out who has been threatening her.
  • Operation: Silent Night
    On Christmas Eve, T.C.'s helicopter goes down—with Magnum, Rick, and Higgins on board—on a small isle a Navy vessel is about to shell for target practice.
  • Jororo Farewell
    Jororo Farewell
    Episode 11
    The Crown Prince of Jororo, in Hawaii as part of a youth baseball team, stays at the Robin's Nest to secure him against death threats.
  • The Case of the Red Faced Thespian
    When a guest is murdered at a Great Gatsby-themed party at the Robin's Nest, a concussed Higgins becomes the prime suspect.
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Magnum is forced to forgo his much-anticipated trip to the Army–Navy game and a reunion with his 1967 championship teammates when Rick, T.C., and Higgins guilt him into remaining in Hawaii and helping Carol save her career by nabbing one of the largest drug distributors in the islands.
  • Rembrandt's Girl
    Rembrandt's Girl
    Episode 14
    Magnum agrees to take a case investigating a recently paroled counterfeiter whose daughter suspects he's returned to his old ways.
  • Paradise Blues
    Paradise Blues
    Episode 15
    T.C. drags a reluctant Magnum along to the newly-opened club of an old flame—a beautiful jazz singer who he fell in love with in Vietnam—who has just moved to the islands, but has a penchant for for having trouble follow her.
  • The Return of Luther Gillis
    Luther Gillis returns to Hawaii, accompanied by his secretary Blanche, to attend the annual Private Investigators convention, where Luther has been informed he will receive an award. But while Luther and Magnum attend the convention, Higgins and Blanche are kidnapped from the Estate, and the two P.I.s find themselves having to join forces once again.moreless
  • Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
    While Higgins is preparing to direct a selection of pieces from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado to be staged at the Estate, Magnum is hired by an attractive young woman to find her missing brother, whom she claims has disappeared after joining a religious cult. The girl has musical experience and agrees to help out with rehearsals of Higgins' production while Magnum seeks out her missing brother.moreless
  • Holmes Is Where the Heart Is
    As he continues his memoirs, Higgins recalls the spring of 1976 when a friend from Sandhurst, David Worth, arrives in Honolulu to attend the funeral of a mutual friend. Insisting that his name is Stanley Sigerson, Sherlock Holmes' most frequently used alias, and that Higgins is Watson, Holmes's faithful friend, David firmly believes that their friend was murdered by none other than Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' arch-nemesis.moreless
  • On Face Value
    On Face Value
    Episode 19
    Magnum is left guilt-ridden after he returns gunfire during a high-speed chase, only for it cause another car to crash and severely injure the young woman driving it.
  • Dream a Little Dream
    Magnum is rehired by his first client, a surfing champion who was being threatened and whom he nearly started a serious relationship with, and this new case seems to parallel the events of 1979.
  • I Witness
    I Witness
    Episode 21
    When the King Kamehameha Club is robbed late one evening by thieves wearing animal masks to conceal their identities, Lt. Tanaka is frustrated by Higgins, Rick, and T.C. each having their own different accounts of what happened.