Magnum, P.I.

Season 7 Episode 16

Solo Flight

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1987 on CBS



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    • Magnum: (narrating) Failure is one of life's few absolutes. Success, on the other hand, is relative. For instance, there's this story of a guy who spent his entire childhood dreaming of becoming a fighter pilot. He joined up at 18, came out of flight school number one in his class, soloed like a pro, and was assigned to a top combat wing. A week before he was to fly his first mission there was a fire in his barracks. He pulled two guys from the flames and suffered third-degree burns to his hands in the process. He was a hero, and he wound up a General. But he was never able to fly again. Relative success and absolute failure.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Rückblenden", meaning "Flashbacks". The French title is "Dialogue au sommet", meaning "Dialogue at the Summit". The Italian title is "La tela del ragno", meaning "Spider's Web".

    • Mixed in amongst delusional dreams of his friends and to do with his last case, there are also flashbacks to: Higgins flying his model aeroplane, and Magnum shooting it down, from the fourth season episode "Distant Relative", Higgins and Magnum trapped in a lift, from previously this season, in "Paper War", held prisoner and tortured by Colonel Ivan, as seen in flashback in the third season's feature-length / two-part "Did You See The Sunrise?", Being forced to sing "Misty" in a karaoke bar, from the fifth season episode "The Man From Marseilles", And his encounter with the obsessed killer from "Death and Taxes" earlier this season.

    • This episode contains many flashbacks and references to the fourth season episode, "Home From The Sea". Magnum remembers a number of parts from that episode, both flashbacks to his childhood, and being stranded at sea in the present in that story. He also nick-names a near-by spider 'Herman', a reference to the name he gave to the shark he memorably encountered in the former episode, commenting that it's like "The Return Of Herman".

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