Magnum, P.I.

Season 4 Episode 7

Squeeze Play

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1983 on CBS

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  • After Robin Masters wagers the Estate over the outcome of a softball game between the King Kamehameha Club team and that of a sleazy, unscrupulous magazine publisher, both Higgins and Magnum find that they may soon be out of a home. A so-so sports episode

    This review contains spoilers.

    I have very mixed views over this episode (working title: 'Going Going Gone'). It is marginally better than some of the show's other sports-based episodes (the second season's 'One More Summer' was take it or leave it, and the less said about season three's 'Mixed Doubles' the better!), but as I have said in other reviews, I'm not really a sports fan, so that marks it down a notch from the start for me.

    It felt strange that Robin would so callously wager the Estate. Admittedly we don't see (or rather, hear) enough of him in the series to really get to know his personality all that well, but even so, I had trouble accepting that he would have done this – especially considering the times that Magnum has helped him out and saved his life (the first season's 'J. Digger Doyle' and the third season's 'The Big Blow' to name but two occasions).

    The episode is mostly light-hearted, and does have it's humorous moments (such as Rick getting hit by a ball in a place where a man really doesn't want to be hit!), but it is also very silly. I found Buzz and his nephew to be overly annoying at times, and the story dragged a bit towards the end.

    There are no real villains to this story. The nearest we come is the hostile construction workers when Magnum is searching for Jerome, the ex-husband of one of the players on his team. It did seem to be a bit coincidental that Jerome turned out to be an ex-softball pro who could help the team out, but I was willing to forgive that.
    However, the conclusion of the story, with Magnum just happening to find that Buzz's card deck is marked, thus making the bet bogus to begin with, was just too contrived and coincidental.

    This isn't an abysmal episode, but it is one of those that I only watch very occasionally, and the whole thing just feels rather out of character to me.
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