Magnum, P.I.

Season 7 Episode 4

Straight and Narrow

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1986 on CBS

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  • Thomas injures his ankle while training for an upcoming charity race, and things get even worse when he is reunited with former hooker Leslie, who asks him to find her missing sister. But as always with Leslie, things are far from simple. A reasonable ep.

    'Straight and Narrow' sees Magnum reunited with former prostitute Leslie Emory (Cindy Clark), first seen in the sixth season episode 'The Hotel Dick'. Her 'act' is pretty much the same as the first time we saw her – well meaning, but "act now, think later", causing Magnum much bother.

    Leslie seems to split 'Magnum, p.i.' fans – some love her and find her very amusing, whereas others, such as myself, consider her one of our least favourite recurring characters. That said, I could manage her appearance her in this episode much more than I could in 'The Hotel Dick'.

    Phyllis Davis, also from 'The Hotel Dick', also returns as Cleo Mitchell. She will play a more key role towards the end of the series, when Rick (possibly) gets married to her.

    I find the plot itself of 'Straight and Narrow' to be a rather so-so one, but what saves it (as is the case with a number of 'Magnum, p.i.' episodes), is many of the nice little touches and moments. There are several good moments deriving from Magnum's injured ankle, and several of the scenes in Higgins' study – such as Magnum trying to return Robin Masters' antique walking stuck, which has been snapped in a brawl – are very well played.

    I haven't got much more to say on this one really. Although fair, it is probably one of my lesser favourites from season seven, but at the same time, it is reasonable in it's own right – far superior to some of the offerings that we saw in the fifth season.
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