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Magnum, P.I.

Season 1 Episode 4

Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones, Too

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1980 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones, Too
It's the Christmas season, and against his better judgment, Magnum agrees to being hired by five young schoolgirls to find their teacher, who has seemingly gone missing after falling in love. While he's working on the case, Magnum manages to convince Higgins to let the young girls stay on the Masters estate, but he's unaware that he's being deceived in a scam over a valuable painting recently purchased by Robin Masters.moreless

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  • Five little girls (and a big one, too) plot to steal Robin Masters' Gaugin. Magnum, T.C., Rick, and Higgins work together to keep the painting from falling into the wrong hands.moreless

    Admittedly, the plot of "Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too" is far-fetched and downright silly. Not to mention the child actors are terrible, although they provide a good laugh by mistakenly calling Higgins, "Huggins". And then there's the episode title--what does that mean???

    On the surface, "THFLGABOT" has all the makings of a Christmas turkey. (The episode aired on Christmas Day). However, each of the main characters is gets plenty of screen time, and the episode is enjoyable to watch if only to see Magnum, T.C., Rick and Higgins interact. I believe this is the first episode of Magnum where the four main characters spend a significant amount of time together--before this, Magnum has only dealt with them more or less individually.moreless
  • During the Christmas season, Magnum is hired by five young schoolgirls to find their missing teacher, but is unaware that it is part of a plot to steal a valuable painting recently purchased by Robin Masters. A mixed episode...moreless

    I find this to be a mixed episode. It's certainly not bottom of the 'Magnum p.i.' barrel, but also not the best, and after the excellent 'China Doll' previously, it comes as something of an anti-climax.

    Although the series had found its feet character-wise in 'China Doll', here it feels to still be finding its footing story-wise, and comes off as being a bit patchy.

    Although the second hour-long episode broadcast, the story seems to come from a couple of episodes in, presumably bought forward for Christmas – it was originally broadcast in the U.S. on Christmas Day 1980.

    The episode is in some respects my least favourite of the first season, although I have warmed to it slightly more in recent times. I like that it has a number of twists and turns, but it comes off feeling rather goofy and uneven.

    Katherine Cannon is fair as the supposedly missing teacher, but the five young girls are rather grating to watch, and I can't help but feel that much more fun and humour could have been derived from Magnum (and "Huggins"!) running around after them and all the trouble they cause.

    The conclusion, with duping the kidnapper out of the real painting without involving the Police, also feels a bit limp and not much of a climax to the story.

    As well as beginning in the only occasionally seen Robin's Nest wine cellar, the episode also marks the first time we see the Audi (Robin 2), as well as Rick's red Nissan (Rick would be seen to drive several cars over the course of the series).

    I only watch this episode very occasionally, and it isn't really one of my favourites. In terms of Christmas-themed episodes, the fourth season's 'Operation: Silent Night' is far more enjoyable.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Toward the end of the episode, when Magnum has dropped off the tube with the painting, we see that Rick is in the pool. When Rick gets out to follow the kidnapper, the deck of the pool already has wet footprints.

    • When the kidnapper gets into the car after seeing Magnum and gang leave after dropping off the tube, there are two goofs. First, the kidnapper puts the car into gear on the floor. In the scene immediately after the one above with Rick in the water, we see that the kidnapper gets into a 1979 Chrysler Cordoba; this vehicle only has a gear shifter on the steering column (there was no option for the shifter). Therefore they are not the same cars in the two different scenes. The first car looks like a Monte Carlo. Additionally, just as the car pulls away, you can clearly see a crew member reflected in the side back window and the paint of the car.

    • The Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) painting seen in this episode is the Three Tahitians (1899).

    • At the end of the show, when Rick holds up the kidnapper at the metal detectors, he puts his camera on the x-ray conveyer. After the switch of the tubes on the conveyer by Magnum, we would expect the camera to come out of the machine next. Rick passes the metal detector to meet Magnum and has the camera with him without claiming it from the conveyor.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • The German episode titles are "Wie klaut man einen Gauguin?" and "Große und kleine Mädchen", meaning "How Does One Steal a Gauguin?" and "Big and Little Girls". The French title is "Les petites pestes", meaning "Small Pests". The Italian title is "5 bambine per un Gauguin", meaning "5 Little Girls for a Gauguin".

    • This is the first of two Christmas-set episodes of the series, the other being the fourth season's "Operation: Silent Night".

    • The title of this episode has also been reported in publication as "Thank Heaven For Little Girls, And Big Ones Too" and "Thank Heaven For Little Girls...And Big Ones Too".

    • Instead of finishing with the usual theme, the closing credits are accompanied by an orchestral version of The Twelve Day Of Christmas.