Magnum, P.I.

Season 5 Episode 4

The Legacy of Garwood Huddle

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1984 on CBS

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  • Guest star

    My favorite guest stars:

    Pat Hingle

    Belinda Montgomery

    John Ratzenberger
  • Higgins persuades Magnum to help Garwood Huddle, an aged ex-Robin Hood type who has broken out of prison to recover a stash of loot needed to pay for the release of his young grandson, who has been kidnapped. A rather dull episode...

    Coming after such a great episode as 'Mac's Back' would always be hard to top, but 'The Legacy of Garwood Huddle' is a definite step down, and one of the show's weaker stories.

    As has already been commented, this episode always struck me as being shown out of sequence, as Magnum has long hair in this instalment, but had it cut in 'Mac's Back'.

    The story starts off with some potential, with an aged robber having broken out of prison to find the ransom for his kidnapped grandson, but unfortunately it soon goes downhill, and is downright dull in places. Sadly, this would be the case for many episodes of the fifth and sixth season.

    Pat Hingle is an okay guest star I suppose (he reminds me of Eugene Roche, who plays the recurring Luther Gillis), but I just had very little interest in Garwood, which is not a very good sign in a story where you should be rooting for him.

    Also, I guessed who the villain of the piece was straight away. I won't give it away here, but I personally found it very obvious.

    A nice touch – and probably the best element of the story – is the aftershave sampler that Magnum tries on, making him reek of "brussel sprouts" and "old gym shorts". This is the only truly humorous moment of story; The familiar spark of the series is definitely missing with this one.

    For all I've said against it, I wouldn't say this is one of my all-time least favourite episodes, but is a definite notch down from proceeding stories (especially when watching the show on reruns or DVD without a break from the fourth season, which also had some strong episodes at the end). At best, it would be down the end of a season to bump the year's episode count up – it certainly has a 'filler' feel to it – but placed so near the start of the season, and after such a classic episode, it really suffers.
  • A mobster goes soft in old age.

    Pat Hingle. Now there was a reliable TV actor. In this one, the eponymous gangster Huddle (Pat, in case you haven't guessed) jumps the prison walls seeking to find the kidnappers of his biological protege while looking like he wants the smash the face in of Cliff from Cheers. Magnum scurries allover the island ferrying G.H. while looking smooth in a non-ironic way as the sun beats down upon his wheels. Eventually with the fuzz closing in, Garwood and Thomas discover the kidnapping was an inside job, so G.H. returns happily to the slammer (naturally it's low security because he's a pre-Reagan era convict). Great fun, the kind of story with a semi-serious plot that doesn't get too po-faced at the same time. When's that porridge comin' up, I'm starving...
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