Magnum, P.I.

Season 4 Episode 16

The Return of Luther Gillis

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1984 on CBS

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    Eugene Roche
  • Magnum is not exactly ecstatic when Luther Gillis, with his secretary-come-girlfriend Blanche, returns to the islands to attend a P.I. convention. But when Higgins and Blanche are kidnapped, the two P.I.s must team up once again. Saved by its humour...

    To me, the fourth season seemed to dip a bit in the middle – I know that some like them, but personally, I found 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', 'Rembrandt's Girl' and particularly 'Paradise Blues' to be a bit sub par for the series. Thankfully, 'The Return of Luther Gillis' raises the bar a little; it's not a series classic, but it has enough humour to keep it afloat.

    Luther was, of course, introduced earlier in the season, in 'Luther Gillis: File #521'. It's good to see him return, it's hard to completely dislike him. With his reappearance here, Eugene Roche seems to play him a little less hard nosed, playing him more as a loveable oaf.
    There are also a number of references to 'File #521', not least the return of Artie Keanu, whom Magnum and Luther put away in that story.

    I like how Magnum and Higgins (already arguing about the arrangements of who collects the mail) are not exactly enthusiastic to see the return of Luther, and babble and talk over each other as they try to get rid of him. Anyone would think they weren't glad to see him!

    The plot itself, to be honest, isn't really one of the best, but as I said above, the episode has more than enough humour to save it, with some really amusing moments. I like when Luther and Magnum's narration to events interrupts each other, and Luther's line "Who's Dot Matrix, and what's she got to do with this?" always makes me laugh.
    And although they didn't make me laugh out loud, the scenes with the kidnapped Higgins and Blanche together are also amusing in their own way.

    I generally enjoyed this episode more than Luther's first outing in the series. Of course, it's far from the last time that we encounter him on the show.