Magnum, P.I.

Season 6 Episode 16

This Island Isn't Big Enough...

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1986 on CBS

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  • RIck goes missing, and it is up to Magnum, T.C., and Higgins to find him. Their investigation crosses paths with Gordon Katsumoto, a John Wayne-impersonating detective whose hot lead on some counterfeiters may point them to Rick.

    Several elements combine to make "This Island Isn't Big Enough..." particularly odious. Most offensive is Detective Gordon Katsumoto, "played" by Clyde Kusatsu, whose quality of acting in general is about on par with his atrocious John Wayne shtick. Sadly, the other guest stars are no better, and don't have Kusatsu's excuse that they were forced to imitate the Duke. Even Magnum's acting is not engaging in this episode, let alone any of the other regulars (Rick is just plain embarrassing). Any appearance of Carol Baldwin (Kathleen Lloyd)--the weakest semi-regular guest star of the show--automatically drops the episode a point in my book. Acting aside, the plot of "This Island Isn't Big Enough..." is more convoluted than a kidney tubule, and just as tortuous, er, torturous to watch. For example, we know for sure that Rick is missing, that there is two million dollars floating around, that they brought in a token blonde who may or may not have anything to do with the case, and that there will be a terrific shootout in the end. To figure out how these elements relate to one another, if at all, would take a DVD remote, subtitles, and perhaps a pen and paper. I'm opting to move on to the next episode.
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