Magnum, P.I.

CBS (ended 1988)




  • Season 1 Episode 3: China Doll

  • When Magnum and Mai Ling arrive at the estate and are met by Higgins, after Higgins' inquires as to which dynasty the vase is from, the shot cuts to Magnum saying 'Mai Ling...'. This is the exact same line used a few seconds earlier, but the second time around the lip-syncing doesn't match, indicating that it was not the original dialogue.

  • As Magnum assures Higgins how easily he will be able to get into the safe, he looks back over his shoulder and raises his eyebrows. This shot would be immortalized and used at the end of the episode credits throughout the season's entire run. A few moments later, the same scene is used, only this time it's a mirror image.

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failed crime, gunfights, high stake situations, for men, undercover cops