Magnum, P.I.

Season 2 Episode 7

Tropical Madness

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1981 on CBS
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Tropical Madness
Magnum is surprised when a beautiful English woman spurns his advances—much to the amusement of T.C. and Rick—instead preferring Higgins. Magnum is certain that the woman is feigning interest in Higgins only to somehow use him and plans to uncover the truth, but Higgins sees his doubts as sheer jealousy, and the ever volatile relationship between the two is pushed towards breaking point.moreless

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  • Magnum is sure that something is afoot when a pretty English woman brushes him off and instead goes for Higgins. Things get even worse when Magnum is attacked by a sumo wrestler and a dwarf and no-one believes him. A great comedy episode...moreless

    After the serious proceedings of the feature-length / two-part 'Memories Are Forever', the light-hearted, comedy-based 'Tropical Madness' comes as the perfect antidote.

    Things start off with a typical, stereotypical shot of 'Leeds' in England. Except Leeds in reality is a sprawling, bustling city, not the little village nestled in the hills that they'd like you to believe here.

    In fact, the whole episode is a bit of a stereotype (yes, I'm a Brit); the pretty Jenny (Devon Ericson) is an archetypal posh, well-mannered English girl, of which you see plenty of in American series but are unlikely to meet in real life.

    On the face of it, Magnum is a bit arrogant that he expects every woman to fall for him – and how dare one of them go for Higgins instead! But it is written for the purpose of the story, so is excusable I suppose.

    This episode features the first two mentions of Magnum, in his narration, mentioning about the "book (or manual) on how to be a world-class Private Investigator" he'll one day wright; this will become a recurring point in his narrations.

    With Magnum on to Jenny and trying to work out what she's up to, I was a little confused by the forced kiss. What was this trying to accomplish? Surely not one last attempt to make her fall for him? Either way, it leads to a very notable occurrence – Higgins punches Magnum. There are plenty of times in the series that they could quite easily whack each other, but this is the only occasion on which they actually come to blows.

    The episode does very well considering its very minimal cast. Similar to 'Dead Man's Channel''a few episodes previously, such a good story is woven that you barely realise that the cast is so small.

    This episode is mostly played for laughs. I love Magnum arriving back at Robin's Nest in just his underwear, having to use his jeans to wipe the oil off of the windshield (don't ask me why!) after being beaten up by the sumo and the dwarf. The exchanges between himself and Higgins are terrific.

    And then there is Higgins preparing for his date with Jenny as the peak of the story approaches. I won't try and put it into words, but you have to see it; laugh out loud moment.

    When I first got into the series, I only initially had a couple of episodes recorded, and of the few that I had, this was the one that I watched the most; it's a really good one. (Of course, nowadays I have about four recordings of most episodes. Geek alert!)

    All-in-all, a very pleasing story, and one of the best of the season.moreless
  • the reason why i watch this series

    frist of all i relly enjoyed this episode even if i may be the only one who will. But there are a lot of scenes i love watching in this episode. The frist scene is when higgins punches magnum in the face something that higgins probley wantid to do since the frist day he got there. My second fav scene is when magnum pulls up with nothing to wear and the damage car and higgins qestioning him. The other great scene is when magnum. TC. and rick all smash thu the window to save higgins and girl and that's what i relly enjoyed about this episode becose even tho magnum and higgins see eye to eye. Magnum still comes in to save the day The only thing i didn't like about this episode was why magnum had to start kissing the girl. I mean i kown he's got the hots for her. But he had to kown that she wantid nothing to do with him. Anyway magnum seems to be kissing women who are allredy taken a lot. anyway i loved this episode probly my fav out of the hole second season alltho i haven't watch the hole season yet.moreless

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