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TV Tokyo (ended 2001)

Submission Rules

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    Guidelines for Submissions:

    1. Recaps: I want recaps to:
      • Completely explain the episode
        • Not just summarize it a little bit more than the current summary.
      • Be typed up in a Word Processor.
        • I do not have the time to fix spelling errors, so run recaps through a spell check on a word processor before submitting. I will check them for errors and if I find one then I will reject it.
    2. Summaries: How summary submissions should go:
      • Do not edit a summary unless:
        • The summary is only 1 sentence
        • It explains an episode like a recap would.
        • It has about 3 or 4 mistakes in it. (which shouldn't be a problem)
      • Like the recap type up summaries in a Word Processor
      • Summaries are to be at least 3 sentences long.
    3. Quotes: Make sure your tags are correct and that all names are spelled right.
      • No one line quotes.
      • When characters are thinking something put (thinking) before the quote of their thoughts.
      • I like funny quotes and ones that foreshadow soemthing.
    4. Trivia: This is a place for screw ups on an episode. 
    5. Notes: Make sure the Notes you submit are worth being submited.
      • Something that is really important that happened in the episode.
      • First appearances of people qualifies
    6. Adding episodes: Here is what needs to be done when submitting new episodes:
      • I would like you to post the site you got this episode title from.
      • Follow the rules on summary and recap submissions, if you are submitting a summary and a recap.
      • Season Episode Numbers works like this: 
        • If an episode is the 5th one of the Season, then its Season Episode Number is 5
      • Production Codes:
        • Production codes are 100 + what ever the episode number is. So episode 3's production code is 103.
      • Airdates: I would prefer the episodes be shown airing on a Sunday since if they aired on 12:30 am on Saturday then they would be airing during that Fridays thing.
    7. Submissions with more then 2 mistakes in anything will be rejected immediately. I will provide the submission, so whoever submitted it can fix the mistakes.
    8. Do not try to pull some bull crap and say you edited something and in fact did not. If someone edits something and doesn't specify. I will compare every sentence, of whatever was edited, to the orignal info.
    9. Do not ask to be TU. It is annoying and I will definetly not make you TU.
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