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Mai-Otome (My-Otome) - Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama (May contain violence, bad language, nudity and adult themes)...

Welcome to the future where mankind has left Earth. On a planet named Earl, Arika Yumemiya has traveled far in search of her goal: the prestigious Garderobe, in the Windbloom Kingdom. Garderobe specializes in training Otome, who are young girls trained in combat to protect important politicians and members of the nobility. Those that graduate, are infused with "old technology" that has survived from mankind's days on earth in the form of nanomachines that grant the young, female, virgin warriors special powers. Arika is very popular at Garderobe, but she unwittingly harbors a secret that her enemies intend to use against her.

*This guide also contains the Mai-Otome Zwei and Mai-Otome S.ifl OVA series.*


Arika Yumemiya - GEM: "Blue Sky Sapphire"

Nina Wáng - GEM: "Ultimate Black Diamond"

Shi zuru Viola - GEM: "Bewitching Smile Amethyst"

Natsuki Kruger - GEM: "Ice Silver Crystal"

Akane Soir - GEM: "Pure Heart Malachite"

Mai Tokiha - GEM: "Fire Stirring Ruby"

Shi ho Huit - GEM: "Spiral Spin Serpentine"

Juliet Nao Zhang - GEM: "Break String Spinel"

Haruka Armitage - GEM: "Continental Orb Topaz"

Akira Okuzaki - GEM: "???"

Fiar Grosse - GEM: "Excel Elegance White Onyx"

Carla Bellini - GEM: "Rumbling Thunder Garnet"

Luala Bianchi - GEM: "Flowery Splendour Enstatite"

Anh Lu - GEM: "Infinite Wisdom Azurite"moreless