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  • This is a great show and a brilliant improvement on the original series Mai-HiME.

    The show uses the same characters as the show Mai-HiME but has a completely different setting although it does seem to be set after the events of Mai-HiME so is technically a sequel.

    The plot is set in the distant future when humanity is leaving on a distant planet. In order to prevent wars and protect important people certain young girls are chosen and trained to become Otome. they are then infused with an old and mysterious technology that gives them Materialisation Powers (similar to those that seem to occur naturally in the girsl in Mai-HiME).

    All in all this takes all of the good elements from that first show and removes all of the less than desirable elements making for a much better show.
  • great spin off of my-hime

    My-Otome's story takes place in the distant future on the planet Earl, colonized by immigrants from Earth centuries ago. "Old technology" has survived in the form of nanomachines that allow female virgins to take the role of Meister Otomes - bodyguards, attendants and warriors that serve the royalty of various kingdoms.

    Arika Yumemiya has come to Windbloom Kingdom in search of her mother, whom Arika knows was an Otome. On her arrival she meets the top Coral Otome student, Nina Wáng, and Windbloom's heir to the throne, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom. The series follows Arika's progress as a student at Garderobe Academy and the machinations of those desiring the destructive power of the old technology for themselves.
  • I think that in order to fully enjoy this though you have to watch My-HiME first but for a spin-off it wasn’t all that bad.

    And I wasn’t that surprised by the very similar anime and storyline but didn’t stop it from being a good anime, with lots of Fantasy, Action, Romance and a slight slash background story for some of the characters.

    Now first I’d like to point out that although I enjoyed watching the show I found several of the plot points repetitive and sort of dry.

    The story starts out with Yumemiya, Arika (aka the Ant. When someone is trying to piss her off.) as she sets out to find out about he mother with only the knowledge that she was an Otome. And mostly follows her throughout the show. After literally running into Wáng, Nina, she meats her first friend and rival. Together they save the Princess Mashiro’s and beguine’s the story. The first have of the story line begins with a light hatred story line and some cute gags. Then towards the second have of the storyline the plot gets darker and friends become enemies. Al and all I enjoyed the show. But I can’t say I’m sorry to see it end.