Maid Marian and Her Merry Men

BBC (ended 1994)


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  • Season 4
    • Voyage to the Bottom of the Forest
      The Merry Men miss a potentially very rich payout when Rabies falls asleep for the ambush; they each complain about each other's shortcomings - Rabies' laziness, Robin's cowardice, Ron's violence, Barrington's coolness and Marian's bossiness - when Rabies spies a boat sailing through the forest - bought by the King at a boat show. When the Sheriff and guards go to find rollers to make their job easier, the Merry Men steal it, but accidentally push it over Skegness cliffs and end up in a parallel universe. In this universe, England, once controlled by Princesses Rose and Guya, is now under the reign of terror of a witch and an ogre, who bear resemblance to Gladys and Snooker - however, it seems that it has been foretold that a man named Rabies would free them. With the Merry Men slowly taking on parallel identities (relating to those vices listed above), Rabies devises a plan to steal the witch' wand. He succeeds, and turns the witch into a box of tissues and the ogre into a set of placemats, but loses control of the wand and turns everyone else into equally random items. Eventually, Rabies wakes up from his dream, and sees the boat sailing through the forest again.moreless
    • The Nice Sumatran
      A scary attack by the Merry Men on the castle is the last straw for King John, and he abdicates, leaving Guy to take the throne. Reduced to nothing, the King wanders around Sherwood, and ends up at the hideout, where Robin decides to invite him into their home, in the hopes of a rich inheritance when he died. These new arrangements are working out fairly poorly for everyone: Guy is mad with power, and is using this power essentially to do extremely useless, messy and counter-productive things with the Sheriff and the guards; the ex-King, however, is eating the Merry Men out of house and home, and is extremely impolite. So, Marian and the Sheriff work together in a plan to scare Guy into abdicating and led John retake the throne - a fairly silly plan devised by none other than Robin, involving large puppet dinosaurs. It works, nonetheless, and Guy abdicates, but the Merry Men are less than impressed when King John decides to stay with them.moreless
    • Robin the Bad
      Robin the Bad
      Episode 5
      Robin sweeps through Worksop and roughs up the locals - when the angry peasants approach Marian about it, she kicks Robin out of the gang. But, it seems, they have been duped: King John has hired a Robin Impersonator, and the Sheriff uses Robin's dip in popularity as a chance to increase his own standing by means of free promotional giveaways. The Merry Men, believing Robin innocent, go to Worksop to find him. Meanwhile, Marian ambushes the fake Robin in the forest, and is suspicious when he carries the money King John gave him. Both Robins end up at the hideout, and after Marian almost has a heart-attack, the ruse is revealed, and the Merry Men set about getting things right. The two Robins combine efforts in the village to re-elevate his status to superhero, and the Sheriff - or more accurately a Sheriff impersonator they hired - concedes defeat. Then, to pay back the Sheriff, the Sheriff impersonator goes to the castle and attacks King John, leaving the real Sheriff in an extreme spot of bother.moreless
    • The Wise Woman of Worksop
      The gang are sleep deprived, and need to be rested for their ambushes; in desparation, Barrington goes to Gladys and is given her father's recipe, Sleepy-Cake, but the boys ignore the instructions and are left with some embarrassing side effects - Barrington loses his hair, Rabies looks like Paul McCartney, and Robin's nose gets much bigger, the antidote for which is known only to Gladys' father, who is not present. Meanwhile at the castle, King John is fed up with his prisoners, and orders their release, but accustomed to their cells, the prisoners refuse to leave. The Sheriff decides to trick the Merry Men into rescuing the prisoners by getting Guy to pretend he is lacksadasiacal with the location of the castle key; when they enter the castle, they leave with the prisoners, while Marian and Robin are captured. The prisoners are horrified to get back to Worksop, and a brawl ensues, when Barrington discovers that one of the men they have rescued is in fact Gladys' father. He promises to return them to the castle in exchange for the antidote to the Sleepy-Cake side-effects. The men use their comical appearances to pretend they are pixies, and present Guy with another Sleepy-Cake as reward for revealing the location of the key. He returns to the castle with it, and the baddies all fall asleep. The old prisoners are swapped with Marian and Robin, who exchange clothes to trick the Sheriff into thinking he has been asleep for years. Finally, everybody uses the antidote to get back to normal - except for Robin who uses it incorrectly and turns into a dog as a result.moreless
    • Raining Forks
      Raining Forks
      Episode 3
      With the King and Worksop in the grip of a common cold epidemic, the Sheriff constructs a plan to take everybody in a seaside vacation; then, once there, the Sheriff forces the peasants to work for him, and build a holiday camp for the King to stay in. Coincidentally, the Merry Men are holidaying in the same place, and upon entering the camp, see the preparation for High Forks Night, an annual celebration of an assassination attempt on the royal family, the explosion of which sent dinner forks into the air. Out of money, the Merry Men need a way into the camp to save the peasants, which takes the form of the Food Inspector – an irritating man who empties out all of Barrington's chips because he measured one 3mm too long - who they beat up, and Marian impersonates. They infiltrate the camp, and Marian gets the escape plan to Snooker. The Sheriff becomes suspicious, and so when the peasants storm into the room infested with Multi-Coloured Pimple Plague, which a disguised Marian uses as basis to tell the peasants to leave, he disregards and burns her fake ID as a sign of dissidence. However, he accidentally throws the flaming ID into a box of dynamite, which triggers a chain reaction to send this year's forks into the air, and the Sheriff and King are caught in its rain. The camp burns down.moreless
    • Bouncy Sheriff
      Bouncy Sheriff
      Episode 2
      Marian is frustrated that the gang has become sexist, and quits. She meets up with Rose in Worksop, who offers her a job selling house renovations. However, Marian still hasn't learned her lesson, and Rose works with the Sheriff to have Marian ambushed and captured. By the King's orders, however, the Sheriff also buys an extension to the castle from Rose, in order to have somewhere to store all of Guy's rubbish. Rose then approaches the remaining Merry Men and lure them to the castle to build the extension, with the intention of having them captured afterwards. The plans are foiled, however, when Marian escapes from the torture chamber by tunnels that a number of prisoners have dug, and her arrival in the extension leads to its collapse, and everyone escapes. The Men apologize, and Marian returns to the gang, and Rose left in the torture chamber, choosing this fate as preference to becoming the gang's au pair.moreless
    • Tunnel Vision
      Tunnel Vision
      Episode 1
      Marian ambushes the Sheriff again, and in a discussion, the King and Sheriff decide to dig a tunnel from Worksop to Scunthorpe; it seems, however, that the people of Worksop hate Scunthorpians, who it seems have two heads, and picket the tunnel. Guy of Gisborne is meanwhile extremely bored, and Rose is in need of extra cash, so together they pretend Marian has kidnapped Guy. Marian, driven out of the hideout by her Dungeons and Dragons obsessed colleagues, stumbles upon Guy and Rose, and the choreographed altercation which ensues leaves Marian and Rose tied securely together, while Guy wanders off and finds the hideout, where he is keen to join in the Dungeons and Dragons game, as the Giver of Gifts. Rose and Marian hop into town, still tied together, but mistaking them for a two-headed Scunthorpian, the peasants pelt them with mud, before eventually realising and untying them. The King organises a ceremonial groundbreaking ceremony featuring Guy's mother, and the Sheriff and guards realise they will need to find Guy. They stumble upon the hideout and Robin takes them through the Maze of Mystery, in search of such idiotic prizes as the Used Tissue of Invisibility and the Spaghetti Hoop of Being Able to Talk Lots of Foreign Languages with a Really Good Accent; the end result is that Gary and Greame get extremely messy, and the Sheriff ends up rescueing Guy, who still has the tissue. Irritated, the guards decide to ignore the Sheriff; he is, however, holding the Used Tissue of Invisibility, and believes it is working, and uses the opportunity to insult Guy, the Queen and King John until his bubble is abruptly burst.moreless
    • Maid Marian and Much the Minimart Manager's Son
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