Season 4 Episode 7

A Taste of Power

Aired Monday 8:40 PM Nov 12, 1963 on BBC

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  • A murder investigation in which the responsibility falls chiefly on the most junior member of Maigret's team, Lapointe.

    Simenon's novel was entitled "Maigret's First Case", although it was published twenty years after the first of the Inspector's adventures; it was a reminiscence of a different time, when the youthful Maigret had his first big chance to show his skills. How to adapt it for the demands of a weekly TV series? The solution was ingenious - it simply became "Lapointe's First Case" instead, and the significance of a period Delahaye sports car in the plot was simply explained by the owner being a collector of vintage automobiles. Neville Jason, as Lapointe, had a larger slice of screen-time than Rupert Davies as Maigret for this one episode only, and seized the chance offered without overdoing things.