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Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Aug 04, 2002 In Season


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  • Season 8
    • Episode 94
      Episode 94
      Episode 10
      Shot on location at Hurlburt Field, Florida, R. Lee Ermey answers viewer questions about this historic piece of real estate with a focus on Air Force Special Operations and hardware.
    • M8 Armored Car, Mauser C96 Pistol, Dogs in War
      Ermey answers viewers questions about World War II's M8 armored car, the Mauser C96 pistol, weapons and gear used by German soldiers during World War II, and the history of the use of dogs in war.
    • Pinnacle Armor, Apache Helicopter
      R. Lee Ermey answers viewer's questions about pinnacle armor and apache helicopters.
    • Special Ops Army Scouts
      R. Lee Ermey answers question from Fort Knox.
    • Air Force Special Operations
      R. Lee Ermey answers questions from Hurlburt Field, Flordia.
    • Lockheed Starlifter, Project Bluebook
      R. Lee Ermey answers questions from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.
    • The Potato Digger; KP; John Wayne; The Wire Dogs
      R. Lee Ermey, who played the sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, applies his gruff sense of humor in this half-hour series that answers viewers' mail about what the armed forces were, and really are, like! In this episode, he gives us the low-down on the 1895 Potato Digger, designed by John Browning. Ermey then answers an email about KP - kitchen police and tries to explain how legendary film star John Wayne has influenced the camouflage our soldiers wear. And finally, Ermey finds out who the Wire Dogs are, and why they are so important to our communications.moreless
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