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Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Aug 04, 2002 In Season


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  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Gunny !!!!

    I know you are a marine. BUT !!!! Dont forget... It is USMC Department of the NAY !!!!! Yes I say this to my son who is a marine Captain !! Could you PLEASE use something other than the abrams for mail call !!!! there are THOUSANDS OF OTHER WEAPONS including your MAIN Military Department stuff !!!

    Thank you for your service Gunny !! David A Chaffee FT1/SS United States Navy !!
  • F-14 and F-15

    It's me again,, as a former sailor and Lee as a Marine stating the F-15 was the Superior Weapon, I was taken back. For being the same plane there are a few major differences between the Navy's F-14 (Tom Cat) and the Air Force's F-15 (Eagle). I would put our sailors up against the Air Force. The F-14 is the better bird,,,,

  • Good show with a good run!

    As a military buff, I always found this show one of the best to watch on television, on the History channel just before they started airing the dying brand of entertainment known as Reality TV shows. What the fuck is wrong with this world!?!? Where do they come up with dog shit like Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men, and Pawn Stars!? How's that shit even supposed to be historical? I'd rather drown in diarrhea. I'd rather fucking eat my fucking balls off and puke 'em up my fucking ass. I'd rather piss a cactus out of my dick. It's all mind-rotting now and THE HISTORY CHANNEL CAN KISS MY FUCKING ASSHOLE!
  • This is a nifty little show on the History Channel. It deals with all things Military.

    I haven't seen this show for a least a year or two. From at least late 2005 until either 2006 or 2007 it used to be on the History Channel every Friday night. The episode is about a half-hour but they usually ran two episodes in a row. They have since changed the schedule, so I don't know when it is on anymore. Any way it is hosted by R. Lee Ermy, a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Seargent (or "Gunny") who fought in Vietnam. The Gunny is a proud Marine and thinks the Marines are the best, but that won't stop him from giving credit to the other branches of the military when that credit is due. The basic format of the show is this: people send emails before the show asking questions related to the military. Questions are not restricted to U.S. military, people can ask about famous battles, weapons, gear and pretty much anything everything. Ermy answers the questions on the show (although I don't think you're guaranteed that your question will be answered). Occasionally they do special episodes: such as a tour of NORAD, A tour of Afghanistan and one time a Christmas Episode. This show is informative and Ermy is funny.
    This is certainly a most entertaining way to learn a lot of stuff. Could come to good use if you ever go on "Who Wants to be a millionaire" (the answer is everyone who isn't a billionaire, or a trillionaire, but I'm not sure if anyone is a trillionaire except for the National Debt and the Deficit).
  • Informative, funny, and entertaining

    R. Lee Ermey makes this show. His personality can be serious and funny at the same time. You can definitely tell that he was a Marine drill sergeant. The show is also very informative. The questions that are mailed (or e-mailed) in and answered very thoroughly, hence the name "Mail Call". I like to watch this show when I get the chance. If military history is something that interests you, this is the show to watch. It's not often that someone can make an historical show that is both informative and entertaining. Look for it on one of The History Channels.
  • Military equipment, from war hammers to nuclear missiles, is explained in a unique way. The host, R. Lee Ermey, brings his 'Full Metal Jacket' persona to the small screen.

    Not the most in-depth explanations of military subjects but definitely the most unique. Host R. Lee Ermey is much different from the historians that star in many of the History Channel's other military programs. A Viet Nam veteran and former DI, Ermey adds a first hand look to many episodes. Although Ermey is a former Marine, he doesn't short change the Army, Air Force, Navy, or even the Coast Guard. The Series covers a wide range military weapons, from a Roman Ballista to a nuclear missile silo. Topics also include military customs, training, and 'fabulous flops.' Ermey's delivery is often loud and in-your-face, which is part of the show's uniqueness.
  • The crazy D.I. from Full Metal Jacket answers your questions about military service, equipment, and history.

    This really has to be something you're into, otherwise you wil find host R. Lee Ermey quite abrasive. However, he tells it how it is, without any B.S. The show is entirely military, but covers various aspects of the military throughout different periods of history, up to and including the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The "Gunny" seems to have some sort of hatred for watermelons, as they are the most common targets for his weapon demonstrations. The show is great, but again I must reiterate, it is really meant for serious military and history buffs. (However, that doesn't mean that if you aren't into these things, that it isn't worth a look.)
  • This is for all the millitary Geeks out there

    Mail Call is great show. For those that want to know about the millitary, its tech, and the history behind it this show is a must. The Gunny well lets just say he is the gunny and that makes him awsome end of story.

    I highly recomend this show to any history buff, milltiary geek or anyone who wants to know about weaponry for some reason.
  • This show is highly entertaining and educational at the same time...its like Nick Jr. for adults!

    This show is highly entertaining and educational at the same time...its like Nick Jr. for adults! Only R. Lee Ermy can provide the raw enthusiasm of the Marine Corps in a sense that proves its real. He is also appreciative of the places and things he gets to see and do. Demonstrations also play a big part of this show with the Gunny laying waste to attacking watermelons with everything from a german Luger pistol to an antique japanese katana. I'm sure if the History channel had more shows on its programing schedule this entertaining they could double their viewership.
  • Fascinating study of military history and technology; hosted by Lee Ermey.

    What are dog tags? What did soldiers eat in WWI? What does the inside of a tank look like?

    These questions and more are answered in brisk educational segments. Letters come from real-life viewers curious about the history of the armed forces. The show uses footage, interviews and demonstrations to tell the story of the workaday life and resources of the military.

    If you have never enjoyed history shows before, this one will change your mind. Host Lee Ermey's explanations are swift but thorough, and may very well inspire you to head to the bookstore or museum to follow up on what you learned. Worth returning to every week.

  • WHats better then seeing your favorite weapon in action! This show is one of the most informative and interesting show ive seen in the last ten years.

    When i first saw mail call a few years back i loved it. But once i fell in love with the first person shooter game genre i truely started to appriciate this show. I especially loved the episodes on swords and medieval warfare.

    Besides the gunny is a funny guy.

    I reccomend this show to anyone who loves a good war movie or FPS!
  • Gunny is his usual top form,and for a militaria collector I love it !

    The show is quick paced enough to keep the interest high,gunny shows he can shoot as good as yell.Hes not scared to have ago at anything.Its only just started down under in Australia,I cant wait till the 2 hour Vietnam special airs,will be great and one worth keeping.Semper Fi !
    Check it out !
  • great show

    If you like weapons, warfare,and exploding watermelons you will love this show. R. Lee Earmy shows many different weapons and how to use them. Weapons from medieval times to modern day weapons used in Iraq and Afgahnistan. And after he explains the weaponry, he usually shows the power of the weapon by pumping a few bullets into or choppping the hell out of a watermelon.
  • R. Lee Ermey answers questions and lets you know when the question is dumb.

    “Mail Call” is good fun and R. Lee Ermey is an excellent host. He answers mailed in questions relating to military issues. Military life, history, equipment and weaponry are all covered. Sometimes he will demonstrate a tool or weapon. Sometimes he will have an expert in to provide insight.

    I especially enjoy it when someone asks a dumb question. Instead of pretending like it makes sense, or maybe not reading it at all, R. Lee reads the person’s name, answers the question and calls the individual numb nuts, dumb ass, or some other fun insult. I think people write stupid stuff in hopes that they will be labeled “numb-nuts” on TV.
  • Ooohraa watch this show

    One of my favorite shows on History Channel, Mail Call taught me thing\\\'s I never knew about the military. It is not only intrisitng but R. Lee Emery makes it very funny with his in your face aduttid. A must watch show for every one. So Ohraa to all you.
  • Best military show out their!!

    Mail call stars R.Lee Ermey a Vietnam war veteran and one of the stars of "Full Metal Jacket" as well as a Gunnery Sergeant. Mail call is a great show and should be given more air time its one of the few great shows on the history channel. I want it to last a long time.
  • A TV show about war, hosted by none other than R. Lee. Anyone can enjoy this.

    I am a huge fan of warfare (one of my friends got me into it) and I love mail call. Everything from learning about mortars and tanks to experiencing R. Lee trademark drill sergeant voice. Although watching "Apocalypse Now" and "Full Metal Jacket" probably had something to do with my infatuation with the show. Anyways, watch this show if you want to learn more about war tactics, tools or war, or just warfare in general.
  • I think that people should watch it more because I am a huge weapon fan so everyone should watch and you won't even think it's educationl.

    R.Lee a stupedendous job it Full Metal Jacket a funny movie in my opinion because of the insult. If you liked the movie Full Metal Jacket you probaly Liked Lee Ermy and I mean it if you liked him in that movie You'd think he is good in this show knowing that he's with weapons now.