Mail Call

Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Aug 04, 2002 In Season


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  • This is a nifty little show on the History Channel. It deals with all things Military.

    I haven't seen this show for a least a year or two. From at least late 2005 until either 2006 or 2007 it used to be on the History Channel every Friday night. The episode is about a half-hour but they usually ran two episodes in a row. They have since changed the schedule, so I don't know when it is on anymore. Any way it is hosted by R. Lee Ermy, a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Seargent (or "Gunny") who fought in Vietnam. The Gunny is a proud Marine and thinks the Marines are the best, but that won't stop him from giving credit to the other branches of the military when that credit is due. The basic format of the show is this: people send emails before the show asking questions related to the military. Questions are not restricted to U.S. military, people can ask about famous battles, weapons, gear and pretty much anything everything. Ermy answers the questions on the show (although I don't think you're guaranteed that your question will be answered). Occasionally they do special episodes: such as a tour of NORAD, A tour of Afghanistan and one time a Christmas Episode. This show is informative and Ermy is funny.
    This is certainly a most entertaining way to learn a lot of stuff. Could come to good use if you ever go on "Who Wants to be a millionaire" (the answer is everyone who isn't a billionaire, or a trillionaire, but I'm not sure if anyone is a trillionaire except for the National Debt and the Deficit).