Mail Call - Season 1

Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Aug 04, 2002 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 52
    Episode 52
    Episode 52
    R. Lee Ermey rolls up to Mail Call HQ toting a light machine gun from World War II called the Bren Gun. The Bren gun was a two-man gun that was accurate, reliable, and really, really loud.
  • Mail Call: Episode #44: Longbows to WWII Flight Jackets
    Longbow/National Technical Systems/WWI Machine Gun/P-51 Mustang/WWII Flight Jacket: #44. Medieval expert Jeffrey Hedgecock shows R. Lee Ermey why the longbow was such a feared weapon and how it helped England become a dominant European power in the Middle Ages, and demonstrates the brigandine variety of archer protection. Then, Lee heads to Arkansas, where National Technical Systems tests weapons and equipment; profiles the WWI Chauchat machine gun, a fabulous French flop; gets an up-close look at a restored P-51 Mustang; and swaggers around in an A-2 flight Jacket, a WWII icon.moreless
  • Episode 25
    Episode 25
    Episode 25
    "R. Lee Ermey sends viewer questions to military experts for answers and demonstrations. Go aboard the Coast Guard\'s latest and greatest, the multi-purpose 47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB).
  • Episode 15
    Episode 15
    Episode 15
    R. Lee Ermey compares Civil War rifles from both sides; learns about the first missile fired from the deck of a sub; compares the Navy's Mark 21 deep-sea suit, used for depths as far as 300-feet below surface, to "crush-proof" suits.
  • Future Gear; Marine Camouflage; Army's New Armored Vehicle
    In this episode, R. Lee Ermey looks at possible gear for GIs on tomorrow's battlefields, how the Marines designed their new camo pattern, and examines the Army's new armored vehicle, the Stryker.
  • The Jeep; HIMARS; Hurricanes
    R. Lee Ermey answers viewers' mail about Jeeps, rocket launchers used by the military, and Hurricane Hunters.
  • Grenades; Dog Tags; Dinner in a Pouch
    Host, R. Lee Ermey, answers questions regarding military grenades and dog tags, and explains what a soldier's meals are like in the field.
  • Ninja Weapons; Flamethrower; Military Dogs
    R. Lee Ermey applies his gruff sense of humor in this half-hour series that answers viewers' mail about what the armed forces were, and really are, like! In this episode, he learns about the weapons of the Japanese Ninja, used since the 12th century, how flamethrowers work, and what military dogs are trained to do.moreless
  • The Pilum; WWII Radios; First Rockets
    The ancient Roman pilum is designed to penetrate armor, World War II army radios, and how rockets were first used on the battlefield.
  • Revolutionary War Musket; Jousting; Foxholes
    How fast a Revolutionary War soldier could fire a musket; jousting; how to dig a foxhole.
  • Re-Fueling a Fighter Jet; Naval Signal Flags; GI Chow
    In this episode, R. Lee Ermey answers viewer's questions about fighter jets and signal flags. He also reveals what soldiers eat on the battlefield.
  • Mortar; WWII GI's Personal Items; Native-American Arrows
    R. Lee Ermey answers questions about how to aim a mortar, what were "Dragon's Teeth", what did the American G.I. carry with him as personal items in World War 2, what is military time, and how did the Native Americans make arrows.
  • Landing Craft, Air Cushion Hovercraft (L.C.A.C.); U.S. Cavalry Saddles; Gas Masks
    R. Lee Ermey answers questions regarding the L.C.A.C., cavalry saddles used in the Old West, and how gas masks work.
  • Civil War Cannoneers; Night Vision; Clearing a Minefield
    R. Lee Ermey answers viewer's questions about Civil Wars cannons. He also discusses new night-vision technology, and explains how the military clears minefields along with a few other questions about first aid kits and the Khukuri knife.
  • Flak Vest; Medieval Crossbow; WWI Pilots
    R. Lee Ermey answers questions about body armor, accuracy of a medieval crossbow, and how World War I pilots shot through their propellers in this episode.
  • Knight's Armor; WWI Backpack; Landmine
    R. Lee Ermey answers questions about the armor that the knights of old wore, how landmines work, and what was in the World War 1 American soldier's backpack.
  • Tank; Gatling Gun; Samurai Sword
    R. Lee Ermey, who played the sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, applies his gruff sense of humor in this half-hour series that answers viewers' mail about what the armed forces were, and really are, like! In this first episode, he finds out how to steer the WWII tank M5A1 (the Stuart); how fast a Gatling gun can fire; and why the samurai sword is so powerful.moreless