Maison Ikkoku

(ended 1991)


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Maison Ikkoku

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Godai is a ronin (someone who has failed university entrance exams) living in a run down apartment house called Maison Ikkoku. Among the other residents are the nosy Ichinose, the sexy Akemi Roppongi, and the mysterious Yotsuya. The others are given to having wild parties which makes it difficult for Godai to study. Into this mayhem comes the recently widowed Kyoko as the new live-in manager. Godai falls for her, but doesn't have the nerve to tell her. As time passes, their relationship slowly develops amid life at Maison Ikkoku, despite all sorts of romantic hurdles.
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  • A long, yet satisfying comedy romance and arguably the best work from Rumiko Takashi.

    If there's one thing that Rumiko has a knack for, it's creating some truly great and memorable characters. From Inuyasha to Ranma 1/2, the characters she has created are icons in not only the manga world, but Japanese lifestyle in general. Maison Ikkoku might be her lesser known works compared to those mentioned above, but it doesn't mean the characters are any less fantastic. The slice of life elements to Maison Ikkoku are some of the best you'll find in anime.

    The story goes like most romances; a hopeless romantic in Godai falls for his new manager in Kyoko upon first sight, and every episode we get to see the constant failures of Godai as he is mocked and ridiculed by his tenants upon trying. Seeing Godai fail isn't the bread and butter of this anime, but the character development that slowly conjures up over the course of the anime. He's mostly a wimp throughout most of the anime, but it's a long process of being less of a wimp, and seeing where his development ends up taking him by the end of the anime is pretty rewarding. All that ridicule he suffers, the bad luck that follows him like a black cloud, it really all pays off.

    There's really only one drawback to this wonderful anime, and it's the same reason why you enjoy it in the first place. That slow character development of Godai that takes place? It takes a while. You'll need a lot of patience. Maison Ikkoku is a 96 episode anime that has been long completed like more than 20 years ago. Personally speaking I have a tendency to marathon animes in weeks, especially for ones that are already completed. A 96 anime should only take me a month or at most 2 months to complete. I started watching Maison Ikkoku 3 years ago upon writing this review, just completed watching it a couple of days ago. In the end all that patience will satisfy you, it's just super long, and Maison Ikkoku often has the tendency to get repetitive, so you're in for one long ride.

    In the end though it's definitely worth it if you're into comedy romances and you have the patience to sit through 96 episodes of gradual development in its characters and story. There are going to be some rough patches here and there, and they occur more often then you would like, but the comedy, charm, and sometimes emotional roller coaster ride you are taken on makes Maison Ikkoku one of the best romances anime has to offer.moreless
  • This was Rumiko's First Romance only show and heck it was awesome. Just underrated because people hate Romance. Geez Now how to Judge before Judging

    Romance only? Awesome! By Rumiko? TIMES TWO!

    Its a Romance and Comedy thank god its into romance more.

    Godai hes a normal guy who has problems in College but then a maid comes in and he falls in love! But when she has someone in her heart... Will she return his feelings? Or will it be unrequited love and will he be broken hearted for the rest of his life? Who knows? Just watch it and find out!moreless
  • Romance at its most work.

    This show is one of the best romantic anime i've every seen for one and i think in away it influences the other romantic anime i like now. For one Godai has to be the prime example of any person that loved a women so much that he would work hard so that she could love him. Even though he was the underdog for Kyokos heart he still fought for her. For one the tenants i don't care what any one says made it harder for him and then he had to deal with Yotsuya who was clearly the better men when they frist started. Its not only that element of one person love for another that made this show good but it was also funny. It to me wasnt as serious as other romantic animes, i actually thought it pooked fun at the mishaps that happen in a relationship. I would recommend this show or even magan to anyone because it actually ended to. So go wacth this show.moreless
  • [recensione in italiano]

    In mezzo a tanti telefilm ho deciso di spendere qualche riga per questa opera d'animazione, vero e proprio must per chi ama l'anime giapponese. I personaggi ed i paesaggi del giappone anni '80 rimangono nel cuore di chi ha visto questa storia d'amore tra Godai Yusaku e Kyoko Otonashi. Nonostante il budget ristretto del doppiaggio italiano ed un cambio di design a metà dell'opera dal punto di vista tecnico rimane un anime sopra la media per quell'epoca.In particolare la seconda parte è molto ben realizzata sia per quanto riguarda il disegno, sia per la miglior caratterizzazione dei personaggi, alcuni veramente spassosi. Consigliato a tutti gli amanti dell'Anime e del Giapponemoreless