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Maisy is a brightly-colored show about a female mouse. The character and her pre-school aged adventures are based on the books by the British author, Lucy Cousins. Maisy has a new, simplistic adventure with her friends each episode and in the process, learns to better grasp and deal with the world around her.

Each episode of Maisy features four stories which finds the main character Maisy exploring everything from taking a bath to going on a deep-sea dive. Maisy is often joined by her four friends, Tallulah (a chick), Eddy (an elephant), Charley (an alligator) and Cyril (a squirrel.) Her adventures are narrated by a male narrator and while Maisy and her friends do not speak in sentences, they do make babbling noises and say occasional words, provided by The Umbilical Brothers.

In the United States, Maisy is seen twice daily on Noggin, which states the series "enhances preschoolers' problem solving, interpersonal and early literacy skills."
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  • Um...I don't like shows like this! Silly and garbage.

    I've only seen this show a couple of times and it is just silly! I mean; A mouse and her friends! YUK! I hate shows like this, baby-ish and really stupid!

    I'm sick of coming home from a hard day of high school and just sitting down to watch the TV and all I get is this RUBBISH! It's so painful to watch! You know how old you are for this. What a joke man! These shows should be put on at another time, it's pointless and no good for this time of day! All I can say is this is garbage, a joke and too child-based!

    Terrible show!moreless
  • This show is okay, but not as good as you can expect

    This show dosen't really touch your heart as you think it will, but it is very charming, innocent, and gratifying. I think it's a about this girly mouse named Maisy and all of her animal playmate friends who care all about Maisy and her adventures she can do and things that are possible for her. So, this is a really cute and charming show, It's so-so for me because it's not as good as you can expect, but it's very nice for pre-schoolers and young kids, may get a bit boring for kids over the age of 7, but they still might like it, but may think it's not as good as expected but still nice to watch. The characters don't seem to talk, but they always have small little giggles and a helpful narrator that benefits them to be caring to others and stuff on their wonderful, charming adventures; this may be good for younger kids to watch.moreless
  • nothing special...

    I just don't like this show, this isn't for teenagers and kids who are age of 8-10, its for little kids and preschoolers. The colors and animation was quite good.

    The story is all about a simplistic mouse named Maisy together with his friends, the crocodile one and the chicken one (actually i forgot who are those guys). And the recurring characters where the Elephant one named Eddie.


    Not so good.....

    Education Value:

    Nothing educational in here it was just all about adventuring and curiosity of such things at all....


    The characters from the show don't talk though.. the narrator will help what are they doing..


    Not good. The is made up of flash


    The humor was childish i don't wanna say the humor is boring..

    Overall 5.0

    That's all i gotmoreless
  • Maisy finds a new home on Qubo Channel starting Monday, November 3.

    MAISY is coming to Qubo Channel starting Nov 3, 2008. Qubo Channel is a TV and online entertainment service for children and families with high-quality programming that provides inspirational messages for kids. Maisy will air daily at 6:30 and 10 AM (ET). Based on the award-winning books by the British author Lucy Cousins, this colorful and endearing animated TV series features Maisy, a lovable mouse with a nose for adventure. Joined by a colorful cast of friends, "Tallulah" the chicken, "Charlie" the crocodile, "Eddie" the elephant and "Cyril" the squirrel, Maisy is always up for trying new things and making discoveries that turn every day into something special. The series is distributed by NBC Universal. For more info, please contact: karenbaratz@qubo.commoreless
  • Maisy Is pretty cool! but not to cool because it is for todlers but it is still a little cool.

    Mail for maisy make your show better PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!! but just stop not talking! it was not that good a tall but it is still alittle cool!This animated half hour program is based on the popular pre-school book series by British author Lucy Cousins. Maisy is a young mouse who explores her world and learns about growing up. She is friendly, good-natured and independent, but also a little naive. Along with her animal friends, Maisy enjoys simple adventures like going to a farm or sailing a boat or making music. Every day the friends try new things and make new discoveries.

    Maisy's imaginative tales support viewers' comprehension of story structure and their appreciation of language, promoting early literacy. Maisy's adventures offer models of creative problem solving, as well as an ethical spirit and an optimistic, even-keeled emotional tone that support preschoolers' own adventures in the real world. In addition, Noggin has produced a interstitial segment in which Maisy explores the alphabet.moreless
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