Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro

Nippon Television Network Corporation (ended 2008)


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Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro

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Yako Katsuragi is a high school girl whose father has just been murdered in a very strange way. She soon meets a mysterious individual called Neuro Nougami, who is in fact a demon from the underworld. It turns out that Neuro eats riddles and mysteries and having consumed all that the underworld has to offer he has come to the real world to search out more. Neuro offers to help Yako solve the mystery of her father's death if she agrees to help him seek out more cases to investigate. As such Yako becomes the head of a detective agency and begins to help Neuro solve strange and confusing mysteries. Alternative titles:
Neuro - Supernatural Detective Opening Theme:
"DIRTY" by Nightmare Ending Theme:
"Kodoku no Hikari" by Kagami Seira
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  • An awesome and unique Anime. I highly recommend it!

    Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro is one of the best Anime i've watched. Hands down.

    The premise is creative and cool, the characters are awesome and memorable, the music is amazing, and just to name a few things.

    Our story starts off with Neuro, having solved and eaten all the mysteries in hell at the moment.

    He goes to the human world to find more mysteries to prevent himself from starving.

    Meanwhile, sixteen year old Yako's father has been murdered and she is trying to figure out who did it.

    Near shows up on Yako's ceiling one day and explains his predicament to her. Yako tells him about how she wants to find her father's killer. Neuro decides to open a detective agency without Yako's consent and they begin their adventures. They are also joined by a former Yakuza member and a ghost inhabiting a ponytail.

    Neuro and Yako operate under the ruse that Yako is a great kid detective, but in reality it is Neuro who is solving the mysteries. In front of outsiders, Neuro displays a chipper and supportive persona to mask his true nature. (It's ambiguous as to wether not Neuro is just acting or he has a split personality that somehow The character development is good, and the suspect reveals are sometimes unpredictable but are still believable and actually work. And several of characters in the mysteries have a good amount of depth to them.

    While the Anime is not perfect, is still amazing. And it does a lot of things different when some Anime these days don't. The opening and ending songs are stellar. I highly recommend this Anime, but be warned, the anime does have a different ending than the manga. But other than that, it's is a great show that should not be missed!

    See ya guys -Skullcat64moreless
  • Not the best anime that you will ever see but it has real appeal and a very nice take on the detective genre.

    The show centres on a young girl called Yako who is forced to work as the head of a detective agency so that a demon called Neuro can solve mysteries and gain strength without being discovered. As such Yako soon becomes a very famous detective (as she is only 16) and the duo travel Japan solving bizzare murders and thefts.

    The show starts off quite formulaic in that every episode has a strange death, an obvious suspect who is innocent, and an overly elabborate mechanism that allowed someone with an alibi to be the murderer. Although this is fun at first it quickly becomes dull. However, the show eventually introduces a very clever serial killer who Neuro and Yako attempt to stop and this adds a totally different dimension to the show as it is an ongoing saga. The plot lines also become more involved after his arrival.

    So stick his out till the end and you will be pleasantly surprised just don't expect anything too fantastic from the script or characters.moreless