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AIRED ON 1/12/2015

Season 3 : Episode 19

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Major Crimes explores how the American justice system approaches the art of the deals as law enforcement officers and prosecutors work together to score a conviction. In the series, Mary McDonnell stars as Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor, who heads up a special squad within the LAPD that deals with high-profile or particularly sensitive crimes.

Jonathan Del Arco

Jonathan Del Arco

Dr. Morales

Tony Denison

Tony Denison

Detective Lt. Andy Flynn

G.W. Bailey

G.W. Bailey

Detective Lt. Louie Provenza

Mary McDonnell

Mary McDonnell

Capt. Sharon Raydor

Raymond Cruz

Raymond Cruz

Det. Julio Sanchez

Robert Gossett

Robert Gossett

Asst. Chief Russell Taylor

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  • Something Wrong

    I am seeing a contradiction between the posters and the number of thumbs down votes. The posters who say the Rusty has ruined the show (myself included) overwhelmingly outnumber those who like him, but most have more thumbs down than thumbs up. Looks to me that someone is stacking the thumb vote!
  • Never Ending Ending of Stroe

    I really like this show, but tonight's cliffhanger is frustrating. I have lost interest in the obsession with Stroe. Let's dispense with his capture quickly, and then move onto a different story line, or to his trial. Maybe he could die in an auto accident, or have a heart attack, get robbed and shot, but please end the interminable Stroe story line.
  • Storyline did NOT have to go into the gay-ness agenda

    I will not watch any more Major Crimes. Last night's show went over the edge. Stop pushing the gay agenda on everyone. This did not add anything to the series and I would rather not see it.

    I'm done with Major Crimes. Rusty should have been written off in the second season.
  • I Just Want To Watch A Show...

    Here's a tip for the writers of Major Crimes. Quit trying so hard to be cultural reformists and just write a good story. All you do is dilute the characters so that show is more like an after school special than an adult drama.
  • rusty as nails

    for a street smart character, rusty is totally clueless and whiney. if the writer have created a character based on clichs. His story is stale and boring. its like sounder and of mice and men put together.

    i just mute the dialogue everytime he approaches on screen. Furthermore, a chess player who thinks of strategy 20-50 or more moves ahead is so naive. he is not a complex character, he is a dense character.

    if fact rusty is a good name because his mind is not as nimble as the much older characters on the show.

    i have a hard time understanding why rusty was written into the it cannot be his sexual orientation because being gay is so yesterday.

    maybe it the days of our lives part of the series.moreless

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