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Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2013 on TNT

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  • Major Crimes.

    The murder of a prostitute named Briana Mathis was pushed out of a moving Silver Mercedes car, but with not enough information and evidence Captain Raydor has to do some more digging to make her case in front of Judge Grove. This is where the case gets more interesting, with number one suspect Jason Goss, Briana's body was found on Mulholland Drive, as Goss says he forced her out of the car, meaning he pushed her out of the car. As we find out more, (Thanks to Judge Grove) and again Judge Grove gives it right back to DDA Rios. Goss was paid to murder Briana Mathis, but it even goes higher than that to some big criminal organization and thats where the FBI comes in. So Dr. Morales has to do a full body scan and redo the Autopsy again and they find a GPS locater chip on the victims thigh. Briana Mathis was a FBI informant, she was working for Special Agent Scott Shaw and Shaw produces a USB File for Raydor and the team to watch (Also Rusty Watches The Whole Recorded File As Well). Maybe Agent Shaw really did care about Briana, who knows. Raydor does a deal with Agent Shaw to hand over any information he has on Goss that would help her investigation and Agent Shaw gives them probable cause to search the residence of Cory Stark. Unfortunately Cory Stark who claimed to be Briana's boyfriend apparently wasn't because he was driving the Mercedes when she was pushed out of the car (she was already dead before Goss through her out of the car). The team go into Cory Stark's residence, but he's already been murdered, the team bring in all the evidence they find including a cell phone and the car keys from the Silver Mercedes. So Raydor and Tao have another talk with Goss and his Lawyer Page and what little evidence they have, because Stark is dead, make it look like Stark is alive and claim they have the Mercedes in their possession. This is where everything starts unraveling and Goss tells the whole story of what really happened, sadly Briana told Stark that she was working for the FBI, she really thought Stark loved her. It goes to trial and Goss is convicted and once again with both barrels Judge Grove gives it to DDA Rios again. Rusty confesses to Kris that he has been threaten when he shows her the letters that he has been keeping (about 11 of them) and Kris tells Rusty that he should tell somebody about them. Then it changes and Rusty tells Kris the trouble that he is in and that he can't protect her and they break up (not sure if she knows the real story about Rusty). Another Exceptional Episode. Thumbs Up.
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