Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 6

Boys Will Be Boys

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2013 on TNT

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  • Major Crimes.

    Such a sad story, so a Transsexual male to female child Michelle is brutally murdered and the only suspect they have is Lewis Gates. Lewis and his friends followed Michelle into the female bathroom started abusing her and said why are you in the girls bathroom. He pulled her pants down and took photo's and posted them on the internet and it went viral (Lewis Is a Disgusting Pig). As it turns out Lewis didn't murder Michelle someone else did and now they starts to investigating her family. I'm with the father on this one, while they're at headquarters, Sykes goes to search the house and brings back some interesting evidence. The number one suspect is the mother with the shovel and shoes found in the trunk of her car, which she explains away and then messes up her story by mentioning the park where Michelle was buried which was never leaked to anyone. As it turns out it was Matt her brother who killed his sister all because the father was going to take Michelle away with him and start a new life and put her in a new school. Matt blamed Michelle for thinking that his parents were getting a divorce but they weren't, Matt was very jealous and then his mother Anne buried the body. Lewis didn't get away either, he'll be spending time in Juvenile Detention and DDA Emma Rios really needs to toughen up otherwise change jobs. Fantastic Episode (Very Sad Though). Thumbs Up.
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