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Don’t you just love a good villain? I sure do. And, every story needs one.

Actor Richie Stephens has been on a roll lately portraying some villains we can all love to hate. Most recently, he appeared on TNT’s Major Crimes in the episode “Tourist Trap” as a bad guy Brit. He did it so believably that I was shocked to learn he’s actually an Irishman – and a nice guy.

I recently caught up with Richie Stephens to find out more.

Q: What can you tell us about your appearance on TNT’s Major Crimes?

RICHIE: Sure. I'm playing a British hitman called Marcus Kemp. I get hired by a wife to kill her husband on their second honeymoon in California! The character is devious, scary and entertaining all at the same time. It was a really fun role to play. The character has a smart mouth and philosophical world view, so despite being a hired killer, in some ways it's impossible not to like him!

Q: How was it playing a Villain? And, is it more fun than playing a good guy?

RICHIE: It's a lot of fun playing a villain. Actually, most of the roles I play are villains, so I don't get to be a good guy too often! Guess I just have that look. I'm not complaining though. It could be worse. I could be typecast as a computer nerd or fall guy or something else instead. I'm a fairly nice person in real life though!

Q: You seem to play a lot of characters with accents other than Irish –
is that on purpose or by accident?

RICHIE: I'm Irish, but don't look very Irish. No red hair or freckles. That's the first reason. Second is that I can do a very wide range of accents. Over 50 different ones. Have a few viral videos on YouTube showcasing them (like "15 Irish accents") I also have a few students who I coach in dialects / accents too. I do book the occasional Irish role, but mostly American, German, Russian, French etc.

Q: Anything surprise you about the show or your fellow cast mates?

RICHIE: They were a great cast. Probably one of the nicest I've worked with. They were a lot of fun. I had been a fan of Raymond Cruz and Michael Paul Chan since I was a kid, having seen them in Goonies and Training Day so it was a bit of a buzz to be interrogated by them. I also knew Tony Denison beforehand - we met through mutual friends, so that was fun to be interrogated by him too. The whole time on set I spoke with my British accent, so that it wouldn't slip. But when I wrapped I spoke with my natural Irish accent and this tripped them out!

Q: Any chance your character might be back causing mayhem again?

RICHIE: I wish! It was a one episode guest star and my story is wrapped up because my character got deported. The cast and crew joked that they should bring my character back for something but I would be amazed it that actually happened, unfortunately.

Q: What else is coming up for you in the near future?

RICHIE: I'll be appearing on the new Cameron Crowe / JJ Abrams series "Roadies" in August. My episode (108) airs on August 14th on Showtime. It was another fun role to play, but unfortunately I can't give away much about it because of confidentiality agreements I signed. I'm on hold for another show that shoots in New York at the moment, so fingers crossed I'll book it! I've been developing a true crime drama series about a British mob boss as well. Watch this space.

Fans can find out more about Richie Stephens at: http://RichieStephens.com

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