Major Crimes

Season 1 Episode 8

Dismissed with Prejudice

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on TNT

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  • Keeps gettin' better

    "Dismissed with Prejudice" was definitely the best episode of the season so far. It proves why they deserved a renewal.
  • 1x08 - Dismissed

    I really enjoyed this one and not just because we got a mustached Tao but because we got to see a twisty mystery and how utterly despicable a person can be.
  • Great job

    Major Crimes had proven that it is her own show, transitioning successfully from another great show, The Closer. The show had been darker, edgier, and the characters more distinctive. Strong performances all round thus far in the series, especially from Ms. Mary McDonnell. I hope more stories will come in the future that are centric around one of the other main characters, like Lt. Provenza in the earlier episodes and Lt. Tao in this episodes.

    One thing to note, there had been a lot of memorable bad guys since the days from The Closer, but somehow, this episode villain sickens me so much that I wished that he would live in suffering for the rest of his miserable life.

    P.S. If Brenda can come back for a special appearance, it would really make my day!
  • Best Episode so far

    Okay , I know I said the last episode was the best, But this episdoe is the best. The story was strong. Acting was spot on and Rusty is still my favourite subplot!

    A man murders his wife with his little girl as a witness years later she is not sure of what she saw and new DNA evidence points to a second man in the house at the time of the murder.The husband is released all the while proclaiming his innocence. I guess he should have left well alone but, no he had to sue the LA Police and Major Crimes is involved along with the FBI. Lt Tao was the initial officer incharge of the case. The story moves a fast clip as they discover he mudered his cheating wife and her lover. It is revealed he kept his house after all this time which was significant in the end because the missing wife's lover is discovered finally on the grounds of the old house.

    Two things am not sure what Sykes brings to the table(yeah she's back in this epi. but it was like she wasn't in this epi and didn't contribute anything to the storyline,)I wonder if I were the Judge that let a double murderer go on some technicality what will be going through my mind.The judge should have given the state option of retrying instead of dismissing the case in such a way the husband couldn't be tried ever again for his wife's murder. What a calamity if they couldn't have have got him for the second murder!

    I think the squad is beginning to take to Rusty , and no longer see him as an unwelcome distraction. he's remarkably well adjusted individual and the dad is just like him too they get on with life and face things squarely

    I hope the writers don't mess up Rusty's life by turning his dad into some kind of Monster.I pray the dad turns out to be cool and they live happily ever after...I so want Rusty to finally have things right in his life.

    The story and acting were top knotch.