Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 1

Final Cut

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 10, 2013 on TNT

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  • My thoughts on the new

    I absolutely do not like the new ADA. I've never known previous DA's to show up at crime scenes and the morgue, etc. Her overwhelming presence during their investigations is extremely annoying and I'm mad that the writers expect this to fly. There is no way that she is qualified enough to try & take on Stroh in a court of law. She doesn't know her a$$ from a whole in the ground.

    I love Major Crimes but her character's personality needs to be taken down 5 notches or I'm gonna insist on paying for her one-way ticket off the I don't know if I am going to be able to overlook/ignore her for much longer before having to change the channel.
  • Major Crimes.

    Famous Hollywood Producer Martin Elliott is charged with the murder of his third wife Gretchen (who was pregnant at the time) due to multiple stab wounds & she was drugged at the time, then tossed in the pool. Turns out he was married 3 times although the first wife supposedly committed suicide (Or Did She). As it turns out he was cheating on his third wife Gretchen with Jennifer (Who Is A Terrible Actress). Enter Ashley Elliott the second wife who confesses hypothetically all because she didn't want Martin to start a new family with his new wife. By watching this, Martin was a horrible father to his previous two sons. Really Ashley now your children dont really have a mother or even a part time father. As for Rusty & what he was doing getting caught up in prostitution in his past, i couldn't think of anybody more capable & more loving to be his guardian than Sharon Raydor. Perfect Episode, A Perfect 10 / 10. Roxann Dawson What A Great Director You Have Become Since Starring In & Directing In Star Trek:Voyager. Thumbs Up TNT.
  • Awesome way to Kick off Season 2

    Well its finally here. It felt like forever but the second season so far is looking great. And for the record I love the character and actor Rusty. Dude was made to play that role. Captain Raydor is still her old understated self. The new ADA wasnt bad either and the story was well written in the usual 'The Closer' fashion nothing is ever what it seems.

    I very much love to know were the Rusty storyline and the trial is heading because I think somehow its not going to end well for Captain Raydor no matter how well intentioned her actions have been. I see so much room for accusations of conflict of interest cohesion and bribery.

    Am so stoked for this season!
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