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Suggestion for a future story / story arc

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    [1]Aug 14, 2012
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    Hi again to everyone

    Given the budget issues of the L.A.P.D and I assume even the D.A. office and after watching the first Major Crimes' episode (and how someone used inside information, etc), an idea for a story and/or story arc crossed / popped into my mind.

    What if a criminal or criminal organization used the budget issue to help them either avoid getting caught or from getting convicted. There are LOTS of different approaches and the "arc" could be about a guy organizing this approach. The story could be about the different -- successful and unsuccessful -- methods (s)he uses.

    Stories / an arch like this could help the writers discuss how budges affect justice. Think about it ... many people say the poor can't get justice against the man (e.g. police and court). This is turning around that "the people" can't get justice from an organized person or person. It could ALSO show how this "smart person" uses different people and how they feel they can't get justice on their own. He twists them around, which -- of course -- get at the craw of Pope, Taylor, Raydor, and everyone else.

    Anyway, this is just a high level idea . . . which would need a lot more flushing out, but should have promise (at least I'd like to believe it has promise).


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