Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 4

I, Witness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 01, 2013 on TNT

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  • Major Crimes.

    So Detective Provenza and Detective Flynn is in charge of a witness named Lloyd Gibbs, who is supposed to testify in a case for DDA Emma Rios. As it happens Lloyd Gibbs held up a convenient store overnight robbed and shot the owner Louis Berg. DDA Rios needs Lloyd Gibbs to prove her case that Scott Perry shot Dennis Tucker, Gibbs witnessed the shooting and agreed to testify. Perry was paid to kill his friend Tucker by someone higher up and there is no deal unless Perry is willing to give this guy up. As it turns out the convenient store was a front for gambling and Louis Berg was a bookie and Gibbs although he shot Berg was there with the help of an old highschool friend named Shampagne who is a prostitute. So Shampagne and Lloyd have a talk in the interview room and she confesses to Lloyd that Mark is behind the whole shooting only because Berg owed Mark thousands and thousands in cash. So Shampagne drove Lloyd there to set the whole plan in action, Mark shot Berg and Shampagne made the 911 call. Mark was the so called brains of the operation and Perry, Mark and Shampange were arrested. Also Detective Flynn has a argument on the phone about wanting to walk his daughter down the aisle and because of his high blood pressure collapses. Meanwhile Rusty starts seeing a girl called Kris. Fantastic Episode, Thumbs Up.
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