Major Crimes

Season 1 Episode 10

Long Shot

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2012 on TNT

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  • 1x10 - Sniperlicious

    I really enjoyed this episode. Mostly because it was a great change of pace from the usual weekly mystery since they have to collar a bad guy and the life of a witness hangs in the balance. And I'm always pleased to see Fritzy!

    The way that the entire room stared at Rusty's dad with 'I'm judging you... and finding you wanting' expresion was so glorious, I actually started cackling in delight. And the ending scene at the end of episode? So freaking awesome I actually cheered. About time that Rusty ends up with a family who actually gives a damn about him.

    The sniper going up to the those cops chillin' during their lunch was hilarius. I know that he's a dangerous bad guy, but I thought it was damned clever and showed how much balls the guy had to go right up to police officers after he'd shot a judge. I liked Raydor being sneaky and deciding that they need to keep looking for the witness after being told the case belong to the FBI was great.

    My only nitpick was Angel's stupidity of refusing to let his dad know that he got shot at so he'd at least know he was in danger made me facepalm so hard, though it can be handwaved away with him being a dumb kid.

    Also, I get the feeling -it was an anvil dropping on my head- that the mystery of who the shooter was is going to come up again. I look forward to it!
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