Major Crimes

Season 1 Episode 6

Out Of Bounds

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2012 on TNT

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  • Their best so far!

    This episode was well written and acted. The injuries sustained by Detective Sykes, in the line of duty will go a long way to endure her to the "Closer" fan base. The conduct of Commander Taylor, is totally out of bounds. The bonding moment between Detective Lt. Louie Provenza, and Captain Raider, happened too soon. Their relationship should continue to have tha underlying tension and stress. . It adds to the story line. The story line about rusty still needs to go. In summary the show is getting better.
  • Incredible!

    Loved this episode, and just love this show. I was so glad to find that the terrific ensemble behind this show would continue without the stellar K.Sedgewick, and what a set of bravuri performances the cast put in to make this show continue beyond The Closer. Now that the flow of the show is not dominated so much by one character, we see the personalities of the other detectives much more, such as Sanchez, who had little to say during the 7 seasons of the closer. He's one tough and troublesome cop. Mary McDonnell is a terrific actress; her subtlety in the acting out the parenting of Rusty is extraordinary. Well done.
  • 1x06 - Out of Bounds

    Enjoyable episode and refreshingly one where I was more caught by the mystery of the week than by the personal drama of the characters.
  • Best Episode so far

    This is the best episode so far, Honestly was riveted till the very end.

    The story was so incredibly sad. An amoral racist father killing a black boy same age as his son

    trying to justify his actions by insisting said boy was a gangbanger. It just broke my heart and I pray they throw a hate crime crime conviction in addition to the murder charge at him ( yeah I know it's acting but it felt damn real!). Taylor is becoming a p*i*k even though I understand he was also partly worried about his son.

    Anyone notice we are getting to see more of the other actors showcased, I believe this is the first time we are seeing Sanchez , Provenza take more of a role. I mean it always surprised me because Major Crimes is made up of elite senior police officers but we never used to see them take major roles in the investigations ( and am not dare criticizing Brenda , that would almost be akin to sacrilege!)Next up I want to see Tao and Flynn episodes. I liked episode where Tao had his family in The Closer.

    CApt Sharon Raydor needs to be made a Commander, she's awesome in a quiet unappreciated kinda way. The violence with Sikhs was shocking even if done in an understated kind of way but the plot was generally taut and tightly written.

    Rusty is the BEST part of the new Major Crimes for me. It makes me wonder if there are kids out there that just need a little hand with structure and love in their lives. He's smart, inquisitive and understanding. he doesn't whine about his circumstances and I love he's not into self-pity even though he's surely entitled to some of that. I see lots of teenagers that haven't been through what he has throwing their lives away and I watch him trying to rebuild his life away from the life he had and I want to cheer and pray he makes it.

    Only thing is I wish he will meet his father too, perhaps he wasnt aware of his existence and Rusty is obviously just scared of rejection again after his mother.

    On the whole I look forward to Mondays on Tv solely for this show.