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Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 12

Pick Your Poison

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2013 on TNT

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  • Buy Guys, Not Bi Guys.

    Two Russian Nationals who are also brothers die of a drug overdose (the drugs were laced with cyanide), apparently the drug is called Molly which is sold at a high school. Its turns out that one of the brothers Constantine was having a sexual relationship with one of his teachers who also is the wife of the Vice Principal of the school. So after the team arrest the guy who was selling the drug, it turns out he had nothing to do with the two murders, this was specifically targeted at Alex and Constantine. The team do a search of Constantine's bedroom and they find fingerprints all over including the bed and the prints belong to Robyn Harris (the English teacher), but also her fingerprints are on the two bags of drugs. Raydor organizes a warrant to search the Harris residence and Watson searches the computer and finds deleted emails of sexual content. Provenza and Sanchez find a pottery / greenhouse at the back of the house and when they open the other door inside is like a Meth Lab with massive amounts of cyanide. Robyn was having an affair with Constantine, but she never murdered the brothers, she was set up by her husband Chris, being the Vice Principal he could do what ever he wanted like frame Constantine and his wife with her fingerprints on the plastic bags of drugs. Because he knew she was having sex with Constantine, not such a perfect crime after all Chris (there is no such thing as a perfect crime). The Rusty storyline and what are his options, I don't think the boarding school is a good idea at all, having no contact with any of them is an awful idea, I actually like Rusty being in this show. I would rather have him stay with Sharon and didn't Rusty say I love Sharon (I wanted to know what was in the letter that was sent to Sharon). Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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