Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 11

Poster Boy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2013 on TNT

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  • Poster Boy.

    After murdering two people violently one being Joe Fox and the other Caitlin Harvey, back at Fox' place Provenza tells Rios to sit on the couch. Underneath the couch is a pull out bed and thats where Rios has been sitting on. They tell Rios to get up off the couch and pull out the bed where and Rios didn't know she was sitting on top Caitlin dead body and Sykes tells her not to scream but she does anyway. The murderer is Brandon North who assumes Joe Fox' identity, i guess he wanted to an model / actor for this reality show Poster Boy but was rejected. While assuming Fox' is identity he goes out clubbing and meets this girl Raquel who takes him back to her place and takes a picture of him and sends it to her friend. The next day Sandy sends a message to Raquel saying that the guy killed two people (Turn On The News). But its too late, he ends up killing Raquel which makes him a serial killer now so Raydor takes command of the whole operation to make sure no one else dies. They actually find him through Raquel's IP address but its bouncing of an offshore server (so many people do that, i don't know how) so his next victim is Carlo De Luca. They find Carlo and take him out of the fashion show, meanwhile TV Reporters catch up with Brandon's grandmother who just believes her grandson is innocent in all these murders, but she does give Raydor something to go on when she says Brandon is just a home body. Thats where there they find him at Carlo place and sure enough Brandon is there, but also Raydor is with most of the LA PD, Raydor tries to talk him down and at some point it seems to work. But things go horribly wrong and Brandon starts to unravel and he shoots himself in the head and by the time Raydor gets into the house he's dead (I thought Raydor did a fantastic job trying to talk him down). Now back to Rusty's story, so glad Kris told Rios about the letters although Rios doesn't believe her until she tells Rios exactly where the letters are. Rusty shows up and Sharon has all the letters in her hand and the one thing that Sharon says to Rusty is (Whatever Happens Next You Know I Love You) and it ends with this person writing a letter to Sharon. Brilliant Season Finale. Such a Great Show. Thumbs Up.
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