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Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 18

Return to Sender Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2014 on TNT

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  • Just Brilliant.

    So three ex prisoners Chavez, Jackson and Mapleton wined up murdered by this so called guy named Bill (who is writing the letters to Rusty). So they interview Garcia, girlfriend of murder victim Chavez and she tells Provenza and Sanchez that Chavez went out to deliver a package to this guy named Bill (no one knew who his name was at the time) and he was going to get paid $2000. But the interesting part was what she had to buy to put in the package, certain type of paper and certain type of pencils. As it turns out its the exact same paper and pencil that the letters were written on and sent to Rusty, so MC comes to the conclusion that this guy has murdered three ex con's who at one stage had some dealings with Stroh. (but what is the connection with Stroh and Bill). This is where it gets creepy, Bill has photo's of everyone at MC in his room including each persons name and according to the FBI Profile on this whack job, he wont stop till he gets what he wants. Unfortunately Bill has already approached Rusty in disguise posing as an undercover Detective and plays chess with him and Rusty tells him everything including where he lives. Rusty makes a mistake by not telling anybody about this encounter (according to Buzz and Sykes, this guy has played chess before, quite a few times and nobody thought it was strange). In the meantime suspect number one Reyes is the connection to the ex con's and Stroh, Reyes is a trustee / prisoner who in prison would exchange messages and Reyes would pass on the letters to the three prisoners who would be getting out of jail. Anyway Bill picks up this guy named Greg Boone and murders him the same way, but Boone also lives in Sharon's apartment block. By this time Sharon has just got home and Rusty has just got in the lift and things fall apart from here. Bill takes Rusty into Boone's apartment and tries to kill Rusty and Sharon being frantic (as you would) busts down the door, rescue's Rusty, but unfortunately Bill escapes. No one has a clear view of what Bill looks likes and at the end which is kind of sad, Sharon makes the decision for Rusty to stay with Provenza until Rusty has to testify in court which is now a week. In which case Rusty will take the stand in court against Stroh. Another Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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