Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 19

Return to Sender Part 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2014 on TNT

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  • 7 of 9, Why Do You Play Such Bitchy Roles. It Was Nice To See You Again.

    So we pick up where we left off, but before the court case starts, we discover alot about Bill aka Ryan Mills aka Wade Weller, its a joint task force with the FBI. Phillip Stroh' Lawyer Linda Rothman reveals something about the connection between Wade Weller and Phillip Stroh to Raydor, DDA Emma Rios and Chief Russell Taylor. Unfortunately Rothman is not saying much, but she also received a letter from Stroh and didn't know the contents, but admits Stroh did more than kidnap these young boys. The list has 6 young boys names on it, Rothman comes up with some crazy offer, if you postpone the hearing, take the death penalty off the table and allow him to serve his sentence in a Federal Prison of his on choosing, which Raydor and Rios never agree too. The MC and FBI finally match the prints to a woman named Susan Mills (which just happens to be Wade's mother), she managers to tell some sick story of how Wade ended up that way. Susan was a heroine addict, but she claims to be clean now, so she tells this story, which i believe to be true, Susan meet a man that took an interest in her and her son Wade. As the story goes on, they were living in a two bedroom place, but this guy Jinx wasn't sleeping with her, but was sleeping with her 14 year old son. But then things changed, Jinx gave her $20 grand to start a new life in San Francisco and she did, but she decided to come back for Wade's birthday and that's when Raydor gets the birth date of Wade. Meanwhile Rusty is testifying in court, things look like they are moving alright, its only when Rothman cross examines Rusty is when things seem to fall apart and the fact that Stroh isn't there, because he's not felling well. Sykes discovers that Wade is working at Angel City Shelter, but by this stage Wade has left and a young teenager who name is Tyler wants to go with him, so both are on the run, Tyler has no idea what Wade has been up to. MC and the FBI find all the evidence they need in Wade's office at ACS, back at court Rothman just keeps attacking Rusty, but he's holding up pretty well. Then Rothman asks the wrong question which Rusty had lied about to Raydor and Rusty says i cant answer that question, it had to do with the letters and Rothman says I Object, the judge replied to your own question. Up until now the letters were excluded and now the Judge would like to read those letters, Rusty did really well. So the MC and the FBI start setting up road blocks, suffice it to say the do catch Wade and he is willing to shoot Tyler until Provenza takes the shot and kills Wade, actually right in the middle of his forehead. So its over, Phillip Stroh is in solitary confinement for along time and Wade is dead. So does Rusty goes home with Sharon (l couldn't think of a better place or person he could live with). Fantastic Season Finale. Thumbs Up TNT. Fantastic Show This Is.
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