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  • Something Wrong

    I am seeing a contradiction between the posters and the number of thumbs down votes. The posters who say the Rusty has ruined the show (myself included) overwhelmingly outnumber those who like him, but most have more thumbs down than thumbs up. Looks to me that someone is stacking the thumb vote!
  • Storyline did NOT have to go into the gay-ness agenda

    I will not watch any more Major Crimes. Last night's show went over the edge. Stop pushing the gay agenda on everyone. This did not add anything to the series and I would rather not see it.

    I'm done with Major Crimes. Rusty should have been written off in the second season.

    Alas, where is The Closer, This kid is absolutely annoying. Lets get back to the crime solving & the

    banter between the detectives. Perhaps they are after the TWEEN demographics, I am just about ready to

    chuck it after never missing an episode of the Closer & Major Crimes. Last nights was so boring

    Bad acting, Bad dialogue
  • Major crimes

    I enjoyed the show. Will not be watching it again. Ruined it with Rusty.
  • Get rid of Rusty

    I am tired of him. Winey little twit. The latest episode with the frozen head almost caused me to turn if off. That was awful. Are there new writer? If so, get rid of them too. Very disappointing show.
  • Why rusty is still in the show

    I stop watching during season 2 because i feel rusty as character just does not fit in a show like this. And it is just really annoying to see his problems intersect with every episode of crime solving. I understand teenagers with such background would have a lot problems of his own, but the way he behaves and all really make me hard to like him. And now when i watch season 3 and he is still in the show with his new problem (mother in rehab) just want to make me stop watching again. What does he contribute to storyline , why is he still in the show problem is the mystery i would never understand.
  • Where is the award winning writing?

    The monotone voice of Captain Raydor actually causes my TV to reverberate during her lines. I think my speakers are trying too hard to find a voice, a sound. And must we suffer through Rusty? He has no depth. I know I speak for many former, "The Closer" fans, when I say, we could not care less about that wining, self pitying Rusty. I fast forward through his scenes and I actually feel sorry for the actor. I wish the writers, producers and whomever else has any say would snap back to the mission at hand. Give us a good who-done-it with players we care about.
  • Capt Raydor???

    I really liked Kyra's character, Brenda and looked forward to the show "Closer," however since she left the show I find the replacement show, Major Crimes less appealing. The character that replaced Brenda, Capt Raydor is awful. Her acting is robotic, it's difficult to watch as she tries to portray the character, she makes no sense. Adding the character Rusty, is confusing what's that about, doesn't add anything to the show. I miss Brenda and watching the closer, too bad I tried to watch Major Crimes but Capt Raydor makes it difficult.
  • MR. NEAL

  • Boring

    Why is that kid on the show? There are enough characters on the show to build a story around without adding an unruly child. I think the show is horrible, and if the writers of The Closer left with Kyra Sedgwick, they need to give them whatever they want to bring them back.On a scale of 1-10 I give Major Crimes -10 :(

  • major crimes

    I loved the closer and when i saw this new one major crimes with the same actors i was delighted until i saw who took over Brenda Lees part i cant stand her she cant act she is dreadful it looks like she is auditioning for a part and is just really bad at it she is the reason myself and my husband wont watch the show bring back Brenda Lee .she had spunk and a character and funny and serious all wrapped up in one package .Loved her .
  • How many more times?

    You have to wonder if this Rusty character is meant to deliberately annoy the audience. Or does the actor who plays him have a powerful relative in charge of the production?

    What is the little twerp as a civilian doing in the middle of the Major Crimes Incident Room listening to intimate details of a murder case, then relaying it to his psychiatrist?

    How many more times. We don't care about Rusty. The character is intrusive and gets in the way of things which make the show worth watching. Get rid of him already!
  • Enough of the Sharon and Rusty Show

    I was tired of the Rusty character last year, now we are building the character further. I can appreciate actors want jobs and empathize with that aspect, but the "major crime" appears to be perpetrated on the audience. If the producers believed this would add humanity to the former internal affairs officer's life, it is not working for me. Rusty is an unwanted distraction. Can we focus on police work again?
  • Awful

    The worst acting I've ever seen. Not just one or two.. The whole thing! Their movements don't go with the words. The words are choppy and they are reading them instead of becoming their characters. Just listening to it.. Drives me crazy. Actors are suppose to act.. Not read from script and stutter! Shhessh. So bad. Please take this off the air until they learn how to act. (Or find those who can) funny this site won't let me give it a 1 rating.
  • Major Crimes Disappointment

    We've been loyal followers of The Closer and now Major Crimes. Last Monday's opening 2014 season show was a great disappointment. The issue is Rusty. This is the third season of Rusty and his woes monopolizing the show. What a soap opera!
  • Thumbs down

    Just another hackneyed crime drama in an urban setting where the cast playing the police and DA's are very racially diverse and the criminals are ALWAYS white. After the first 3 episodes, I'm done.
  • Writers failing to match lines to projected personality of Mary Mcdonell

    If the shows writers and Mary Mc Donnell don't jettison this overly silent unmoving face muscles type personality projection the show will fail... Their is no multi- faceted dimension in her script or even camera direction upon her close ups. Writers, Producers you need to show development this character at a speed much greater then you are or you all will be out of a job next season... allow her to show some brilliance in the script plot not just the silent but always observing because it to droll the way your trying to have it come across.

    Your making decent actors look awful.....
  • Horrible.

    Captain Raydor is so boring, monotone and blase...Sydgwick made it interesting and intense,,,,watching as she solved every crime and always procured a confession with just the wording she chose. I can't watch Major's just so boring compaired with The Closer. I, too, expect a cancellation soon. Lt. Provenza is the only reason anyone would watch this show...he far surpasses Raydor in entertainment ability.
  • I almost agree to get rid of Rusty

    You really missed a lot in Rusty's story line. first of all you portray him as level headed kid after coming off the streets and nearly getting killed. This kid needed mental help and still does. He befriended a girl while in school and you had a really good story line. But you changed it and went Gay and had Sharon okay a relationship with him and a older man who could be portrayed as a pedophile. If you don't want to lose a loyal viewer please change the Gay thing after it is a crime show.
  • Get rid of Rusty and the ridiculous comb-over

    Agree with all of the comments about Rusty and the ridiculous Sharon-Rusty novella. Also, he is soooo miscast. He has to be at least 35, not in his teens. AND his comb-over is almost as lousy as the Donalds!
  • I Just Want To Watch A Show...

    Here's a tip for the writers of Major Crimes. Quit trying so hard to be cultural reformists and just write a good story. All you do is dilute the characters so that show is more like an after school special than an adult drama.
  • 2014's 1st, Worst Episode Ever

    After 7 years on "The Closer" & one more on "Major Crimes" these detectives are battle hardened. Thus, all the melodramatic emoting on Monday's opener, was nauseatingly inconsistent. Granted, a genuine "steel magnolia" like Brenda Leigh Johnson (brilliantly played by Kyra Sedgewick) may be impossible to top. But without another strong, central character, who has also been blessed with physical beauty; this show will never pull the ratings to be renewed in 2015. And, since I am partial to real, steel magnolias; I respectfully suggest 2 genuine Southern babes/belles, as potential candidates:

    Georgia's Kim Bassinger & Alabama's Sela Ward. And ya'll, please don't forget to bring along those sweet Southern accents.

    No offense to Mary McDonnell, but the way Capt. Sharon Raydor is currently written, her character is simply not strong enough to carry a "major" series.

    Based on episode 1, some better writers should not be far behind.
  • Closer's Clash

    Full of personality, energetic, emotional Brenda vs. plastic, monotone, boring Raydor: Get rid of Raydor and make sure she takes annoying Rusty with her. Replace her with an outsider because the other characters need to stay just as they were on The Closer. Their personalities with all their flaws are so entertaining.

    Let's see season 2's ratings are very low, but the show is surviving. That's not a success story. Could it be that plastic Raydor and pain-in-the-@$$ Rusty are hurting the show?! I am the biggest Closer fan out there, and no one wants to see this show survive more than I. Still love the show Law and Order, and no show changed actors more often, so it's not a Brenda withdrawal issue. I mean there's times I thought Fritzi should've knocked her out lol. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see who's keeping Major Crimes from being the success it should be.
  • Lose Rusty!

    This is a procedural cop show. The addition of the Rusty character to live with Capt. Raydor is a big mistake. The show's action stops dead whenever any subplot involving him appears.

    Also drop the Abbot/Costello bickering between Provenza and the other cop. about his diet, . It's tiresome, not funny! Keep to the essentials of a COP SHOW.

    The show of July 8th was especially weak in this respect.
  • No, no, no

    This show is too slow, Raydor is not interesting enough as a main character...I expect a cancellation in the near future.
  • Never Ending Ending of Stroe

    I really like this show, but tonight's cliffhanger is frustrating. I have lost interest in the obsession with Stroe. Let's dispense with his capture quickly, and then move onto a different story line, or to his trial. Maybe he could die in an auto accident, or have a heart attack, get robbed and shot, but please end the interminable Stroe story line.
  • A goofy idea to revive the show

    Get Captain Raydor killed while saving Rusty and replace her with Carrie Preston from The Good Wife (among others) who is kind of awesome.

    What do you think
  • Rusty has overstayed his welcome...

    I wasn't very sympathetic towards the Rusty character from his introduction into the series. He was selfish, a hustler and manipulative then and he is even more a self-centered, deceitful, manipulative, whiner and scamster now. His character took advantage of Sharon when she was vulnerable and feeling unsure of herself as she took over Major Crimes. I love the show. I think it could be as good as The Closer if you just get rid of him. I thought you'd faze his character out by now because he is sapping the vitality of the show. And , now you make the whining, self-centered brat gay! I love the show but I am so sick of the Rusty character monopolizing EVERY program I'm about ready to change channels. The Major Crimes cast needs to get back to doing their jobs and investigate and solve crimes along with a little humor and more involvement of the other characters.
  • Captain Raydor's Husband

    Please end this character. This is one of my favorite shows. His face looks like a train wreck unfortunately. He is scary looking. The person who did the plastic surgery should only work on people who want to look like they belong in a horror show. He takes away from the show.
  • Damaging .

    Major Crimes is my favorite police drama these days. However,

    The new Rios, does not fit with the chemistry that the other characters have on the show.

    She is not very convincing and her acting is nauseating!! She's a beautiful woman but she cannot pull off this part! Captain Raydor filled the tough gal, hard nose, part on the Closer and Major Crimes will have a difficult time finding a female actress that is as classy and sophisticated to take on that role in the series now that she is so likable now. Perhaps they should go with a male actor instead. Nonetheless, I enjoy the show and prefer it over any other police series.
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