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  • Major Crimes

    awesome series
  • No, no, no

    This show is too slow, Raydor is not interesting enough as a main character...I expect a cancellation in the near future.
  • Horrible.

    Captain Raydor is so boring, monotone and blase...Sydgwick made it interesting and intense,,,,watching as she solved every crime and always procured a confession with just the wording she chose. I can't watch Major's just so boring compaired with The Closer. I, too, expect a cancellation soon. Lt. Provenza is the only reason anyone would watch this show...he far surpasses Raydor in entertainment ability.
  • Writers failing to match lines to projected personality of Mary Mcdonell

    If the shows writers and Mary Mc Donnell don't jettison this overly silent unmoving face muscles type personality projection the show will fail... Their is no multi- faceted dimension in her script or even camera direction upon her close ups. Writers, Producers you need to show development this character at a speed much greater then you are or you all will be out of a job next season... allow her to show some brilliance in the script plot not just the silent but always observing because it to droll the way your trying to have it come across.

    Your making decent actors look awful.....
  • Thumbs down

    Just another hackneyed crime drama in an urban setting where the cast playing the police and DA's are very racially diverse and the criminals are ALWAYS white. After the first 3 episodes, I'm done.
  • Comfort Factor - Jonathan Del Arco

    I find it a major change from The Closer in many ways, but I like it. I think there's a comfort factor as we see the continuation of favorite characters from the original. That's what's keeping me interested.

    FWIW, I think Jonathan del Arco's character should get a spin-off show. The actor's mercurial, yet deeply dedicated and darkly humorous approach to his role as Medical Examiner is wonderful, and there are a lot of ho-hum examples out there.
  • Boring

    Why is that kid on the show? There are enough characters on the show to build a story around without adding an unruly child. I think the show is horrible, and if the writers of The Closer left with Kyra Sedgwick, they need to give them whatever they want to bring them back.On a scale of 1-10 I give Major Crimes -10 :(


    Although I loved 'The Closer' and looked forward to it, I did get tired of Chief Brenda-Leah always yelling and putting people down. Her ego was over-the-top. Captain Raydor is a nice change - she gets upset when appropriate; not just to spout off like Brenda-Leah. I like her approach to 'walking them to their jail cell'.

    Sure, it's an adjustment yet, give it a chance! I for one wish it were on twice a week. I like this kid Rusty coming on board. I know why he is built into the show yet wouldn't surprise me if Captain Raydor ended up being his guardian/adopting. What I don't get is Fritz being there and Brenda never appearing; even at home. I'm sure he wants to be on the show yet, it seems awkward now for him there.
  • MR. NEAL


    The show is just fine, just a little bit different from the closer BUT there is this character " Rusty" who I with my whole heart HATE. This character is SO DAMN ANNOYING and therefore i stopped watching this show. I hope he dies soon.
  • i'm amazed

    At first i throught that this would be just another the closer and when i first watch the episode one i believed i was right but i keep watching out of loyaulty to the cast of the closer and mary mcdonnell whom i a big fan of. And i really happy to discover that not only the writter are giving major crimes a real identity and new story line but also give to mary mcdonnell a chance to show that wonderfull ability she has to shows so much emotion in the way she plays . the shows is a big it for me and i hope there will be much more episodes. THe whole cast deserve it!!!
  • Lots of Potential

    I have scene some truly dramatic moments so far. Particularly between Captain Raydor and Rusty. I'm anxious to see how Rusty's character develops as well as the relationship between him, Raydor and the rest of the team. I'm guessing that the seeming lack of real emotion from Raydor about much of anything is part of the plot development. Mary McDonnell is a much better actor than we are seeing from her character. I would like to see the writers not suddenly inject a bit of stupid into a character to move the plot along. Having Sykes walk up to a group of people one of who she did not know and blurt out confidential info about someone was too stupid even for someone new to the Major Crimes unit. Also, they should keep in mind that Rust is supposed to be a 16 year old former street hustler. Let's not make him say lines that makes him sound like a spoiled 12 year old. Based on what we know about his character, Rusty wouldn't know much about being spoiled. Looking forward to more of the high drama scenes. Same thing applies to Provenza. He's over not being in charge of Major Crimes. We've seen him be supportive to Capt. Raydor. Move on.
  • Say goodby to Rusty

    I like the show, love the cast. But really guys, you've got to get rid of the annoying kid. If not, I might have to stop watching. Yes, he's that bad. Or if you insist on keeping him on the show (he must be the producer's relative), at least rewrite the script so he's not so whiny. Rest of cast is great. Could Brenda Leigh make a guest appearance sometime? After all, her "husband" did.
  • Major Success!

    I am enjoying your show and I love Mary McDonnell! Keep up the good work! We are watching!
  • Will miss this show

    I didn't think the show would be good without "Brenda Lee" but it is. Different but a good. I miss Brenda, and hoped she would make an appearance. But Mary McDonnell does an excellent job. I read some don;t like "rusty" but I do. I find myself pondering how Mary and the boy interact, even days after the show, and that rarely happens to me. I find the show to be poignant and exciting - great story line. I also like the way police officers are shown to be effective AND have a heart. Wish the show had more episodes though. Thanks!
  • a fresh start..

    I never thought I could love the show this much.. I am a great fan of The Closer, with Brenda and her antiquities and everything.. and I also hated the idea of Taylor being the chief (I still do).. yet, no matter how emotionless and cold and obssesively law abading Capt. Raydor character is, the whole show feels refreshened and addictive.. I liked Rusty from the first scene, his sort of adoption by Raydor made it even better, and seeing more scene time and in depth character development of the detectives makes the show even more lovable.. plus in the last two seasons Brenda was beginning to get on my nerves a little, becoming a very tiring person, therefore seeing someone doing the same thing, and proving that they can be done by the book, is also a sort of refreshing viewpoint.. a whole big well done goes here..
  • Great Show

    Absolutely love this show and thrilled it WAS renewed! It was the #1 New Series Cable Premier in cable history! And for good reason!

    Mary McDonnell and cast have taken what had been a good show with The Closer and elevated it to the next level!!

    Kudos to the cast and crew for a job brilliantly done!

    Looking forward to S2 in the summer of 2013!!!
  • major improvement on the closer

    a much better show than the closer

  • RENEWED?! Oh thank you God!

    So many really good shows are cancelled even before they've had a chance to gain a good audience and replaced with reality rubbish or really cr*ppy shows that are really bad and yet have a good enough audience to warrant renewal - it's a real breath of fresh air to find a show like this one getting renewed and the fan base continuing to grow. I agree with many that it's better than The Closer; in fact I think it's one of the best shows around overall right now.
  • I am surprised by how much I like Raydor!

    I never was a fan of Brenda and all her overacting and annoying mannerisms, but I decided to endure her because I love all the rest of the cast, including the unfortunate husband. The only character I liked less than Brenda was Raydor... Well of course, we all were supposed to hate her stiffness as opposed to Brenda's impulsivity. and supposedly refreshing lack of respect for rules.

    I was happy to see finally Brenda go and even happier to see her team kept alive, but I really was revolted by the idea of Raydor as their captain! But in 3 episodes she won me over completely, and she is now one of my favourite female detectives. She has her weaknesses and she won't be afraid to show them... and I am very happy that she won Costanza over too! Looking forward to next season :D
  • Major Crimes

    Need to get rid of the new DA or rewrite the script because she is definitely not a good choice and usually the DA doesn't show up at crime scenes. I love the show and hope they do not cancel it just get rid of this NEW DA.
  • Major crimes

    If this show has any chance they have got to get rid of the new .
  • Damaging .

    Major Crimes is my favorite police drama these days. However,

    The new Rios, does not fit with the chemistry that the other characters have on the show.

    She is not very convincing and her acting is nauseating!! She's a beautiful woman but she cannot pull off this part! Captain Raydor filled the tough gal, hard nose, part on the Closer and Major Crimes will have a difficult time finding a female actress that is as classy and sophisticated to take on that role in the series now that she is so likable now. Perhaps they should go with a male actor instead. Nonetheless, I enjoy the show and prefer it over any other police series.
  • Very good. Love it!

    I love the show. I think it's much better than the Closer. Benda annoyed a lot.

    I love Sharon Raydor character. And also Rusty.

    And love how the rest of the cast now could shine.

    Before, Brenda presence chocked the others.
  • Lose Rusty!

    This is a procedural cop show. The addition of the Rusty character to live with Capt. Raydor is a big mistake. The show's action stops dead whenever any subplot involving him appears.

    Also drop the Abbot/Costello bickering between Provenza and the other cop. about his diet, . It's tiresome, not funny! Keep to the essentials of a COP SHOW.

    The show of July 8th was especially weak in this respect.
  • major crimes

    if it wasn't for George, this show would be a dud. aside from that the new prosecutor is redic. get rid of her asap

    bring back Kyra, plz
  • Captain Raydor's Husband

    Please end this character. This is one of my favorite shows. His face looks like a train wreck unfortunately. He is scary looking. The person who did the plastic surgery should only work on people who want to look like they belong in a horror show. He takes away from the show.
  • Major Crimes 2013

    I was very pleased that the end of the Closer did not mean the end of our Major Crimes detectives. They are awesome. And, surprisingly, I have really gotten to like Captain Raydor. But, what is a little scary is the fact that there is no way this show is going to survive the new DDA Rios. She can't act and is nothing short of obnoxious! Had lunch with some friends today, friends who also think Major Crimes is one of the best shows on TV. Three of them have stopped watching the new season already because of DDA Rios. Please, please eliminate her before the show is cancelled.
  • major crimes

    I loved the closer and when i saw this new one major crimes with the same actors i was delighted until i saw who took over Brenda Lees part i cant stand her she cant act she is dreadful it looks like she is auditioning for a part and is just really bad at it she is the reason myself and my husband wont watch the show bring back Brenda Lee .she had spunk and a character and funny and serious all wrapped up in one package .Loved her .
  • Different from the closer but love it

    I personally think that the character of Captain Raydor is quite interesting, very subtle but that would be nice to see/know a bit more about her (going deeper in a character).

    Maybe this is the reason why I find that the presence of Rusty in the show is really a plus. I love to see his own evolution and above all his relationship and interactions with the different members of the team.
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