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    Alas, where is The Closer, This kid is absolutely annoying. Lets get back to the crime solving & the

    banter between the detectives. Perhaps they are after the TWEEN demographics, I am just about ready to

    chuck it after never missing an episode of the Closer & Major Crimes. Last nights was so boring

    Bad acting, Bad dialogue
  • MR. NEAL

  • Thumbs down

    Just another hackneyed crime drama in an urban setting where the cast playing the police and DA's are very racially diverse and the criminals are ALWAYS white. After the first 3 episodes, I'm done.
  • Rusty has overstayed his welcome...

    I wasn't very sympathetic towards the Rusty character from his introduction into the series. He was selfish, a hustler and manipulative then and he is even more a self-centered, deceitful, manipulative, whiner and scamster now. His character took advantage of Sharon when she was vulnerable and feeling unsure of herself as she took over Major Crimes. I love the show. I think it could be as good as The Closer if you just get rid of him. I thought you'd faze his character out by now because he is sapping the vitality of the show. And , now you make the whining, self-centered brat gay! I love the show but I am so sick of the Rusty character monopolizing EVERY program I'm about ready to change channels. The Major Crimes cast needs to get back to doing their jobs and investigate and solve crimes along with a little humor and more involvement of the other characters.
  • Episode and Rusty

    I think this episode was the first episode of the new show that was really good. I mean on the level of scripting I had expected after watching "The Closer". I do not need hard hitting violence, but I do expect a good crime drama with periods of comic relief or personal depth.

    Over the past 2 seasons it has been all about Rusty, his testimony, evolution of a new life and the changes in Provenza/squad as they all took on a more paternalistic role. That was all good, but it was too much. Was he supposed to be the replacement for Brenda's family?

    It became so much this season that whenever I saw him on the screen, I skipped over the dialog. I did not care to hear him at all. I wanted to focus on the crime drama not his personal issues.

    But that was me, my wife liked him.

    The show is just fine, just a little bit different from the closer BUT there is this character " Rusty" who I with my whole heart HATE. This character is SO DAMN ANNOYING and therefore i stopped watching this show. I hope he dies soon.
  • Captain Raydor's Husband

    Please end this character. This is one of my favorite shows. His face looks like a train wreck unfortunately. He is scary looking. The person who did the plastic surgery should only work on people who want to look like they belong in a horror show. He takes away from the show.
  • Pleasant surprise

    I've forgotten how much i enjoy this show

    It's done so well without Brenda. All the characters are worth continuing. And i don't mind dry Raydor, but the guys are very funny!
  • Very good. Love it!

    I love the show. I think it's much better than the Closer. Benda annoyed a lot.

    I love Sharon Raydor character. And also Rusty.

    And love how the rest of the cast now could shine.

    Before, Brenda presence chocked the others.
  • major improvement on the closer

    a much better show than the closer

  • Boring

    Why is that kid on the show? There are enough characters on the show to build a story around without adding an unruly child. I think the show is horrible, and if the writers of The Closer left with Kyra Sedgwick, they need to give them whatever they want to bring them back.On a scale of 1-10 I give Major Crimes -10 :(

  • My $0.02

    I still like the show well enough to watch but it could have been sooo much better. I don't hate the Rusty character but I can see why so many do. My gripe is that he crowds out the old cast. The spinoff should have been a golden opportunity to expand their roles. If anything, the opposite has happened - they almost might as well be gone along with Brenda. Provenza is little more than Rusty's chaperone these days. I thought we had seen the last of Rusty but it doesn't look like he's going the way of Wil Wheaton anytime soon.

    As for Raydor, she's an OK character but should not have taken over the show so completely. The Closer was much more balanced, especially when you factor in the departed Pope and Gabriel.

    [Edit 24Jul2014} I wish I could add new posts instead of editing the old one. The 21Jul2014 episode was a vast improvement. Rusty was appropriately peripheral. Julio got shot (again) because -and only because - he was warned not to use his weapon for "legal liability" reasons. The pacing was excellent, and all cast members - even Sykes - were incorporated into the action. I didn't follow why Fritz had to be the one to blow the perp's brains out, but it was satisfying to see him do it so dispassionately. More episodes like this could turn a borderline spinoff into a bona fide hit in its own right.

  • Say goodby to Rusty

    I like the show, love the cast. But really guys, you've got to get rid of the annoying kid. If not, I might have to stop watching. Yes, he's that bad. Or if you insist on keeping him on the show (he must be the producer's relative), at least rewrite the script so he's not so whiny. Rest of cast is great. Could Brenda Leigh make a guest appearance sometime? After all, her "husband" did.
  • I am surprised by how much I like Raydor!

    I never was a fan of Brenda and all her overacting and annoying mannerisms, but I decided to endure her because I love all the rest of the cast, including the unfortunate husband. The only character I liked less than Brenda was Raydor... Well of course, we all were supposed to hate her stiffness as opposed to Brenda's impulsivity. and supposedly refreshing lack of respect for rules.

    I was happy to see finally Brenda go and even happier to see her team kept alive, but I really was revolted by the idea of Raydor as their captain! But in 3 episodes she won me over completely, and she is now one of my favourite female detectives. She has her weaknesses and she won't be afraid to show them... and I am very happy that she won Costanza over too! Looking forward to next season :D
  • Season 3!

    Thank Goodness, we're getting a new season! Major Crimes has nicely evolved into a great Show. It took me some time to let go of Brenda but Sharon is so different from her, that it didn't take me very long to really like her. I even warmed up to ADA Rios, although I really couldn't stand her much for the most part of the season. I hope Rusty doesn't disappear, he did a superb job in court and finally we got rid of the bad guy, or so I hope. If I could get a wish granted, I would hope for a tiny guest appearance of Brenda in the next season.
  • Capt Raydor???

    I really liked Kyra's character, Brenda and looked forward to the show "Closer," however since she left the show I find the replacement show, Major Crimes less appealing. The character that replaced Brenda, Capt Raydor is awful. Her acting is robotic, it's difficult to watch as she tries to portray the character, she makes no sense. Adding the character Rusty, is confusing what's that about, doesn't add anything to the show. I miss Brenda and watching the closer, too bad I tried to watch Major Crimes but Capt Raydor makes it difficult.
  • major crimes

    I loved the closer and when i saw this new one major crimes with the same actors i was delighted until i saw who took over Brenda Lees part i cant stand her she cant act she is dreadful it looks like she is auditioning for a part and is just really bad at it she is the reason myself and my husband wont watch the show bring back Brenda Lee .she had spunk and a character and funny and serious all wrapped up in one package .Loved her .
  • How many more times?

    You have to wonder if this Rusty character is meant to deliberately annoy the audience. Or does the actor who plays him have a powerful relative in charge of the production?

    What is the little twerp as a civilian doing in the middle of the Major Crimes Incident Room listening to intimate details of a murder case, then relaying it to his psychiatrist?

    How many more times. We don't care about Rusty. The character is intrusive and gets in the way of things which make the show worth watching. Get rid of him already!
  • Lose Rusty!

    This is a procedural cop show. The addition of the Rusty character to live with Capt. Raydor is a big mistake. The show's action stops dead whenever any subplot involving him appears.

    Also drop the Abbot/Costello bickering between Provenza and the other cop. about his diet, . It's tiresome, not funny! Keep to the essentials of a COP SHOW.

    The show of July 8th was especially weak in this respect.
  • A goofy idea to revive the show

    Get Captain Raydor killed while saving Rusty and replace her with Carrie Preston from The Good Wife (among others) who is kind of awesome.

    What do you think
  • leave Rusty alone

    Honesty, you all will hate me for this but I don't care. Just wanna say it.

    Rusty is the best thing that happened to this show since Major Crimes kicked off!

    Ever since Brenda left all the energy in the show just died. Brenda made everybody shine. She is such an amazing and charismatic actress that she infused every scene she was in with such buzzing energy that there was plenty to go around and make other actor combust with it. Sheron was a good character while she was in the Closer because she played well with Brenda but alone she brings the energy down. They have crowded her face with hair and glasses so much to cover up her age that you barely see the acting. Provenza is just old now (don't get me wrong I love him but still) everyone is old and heavy and it seems like the actors are not excited by their jobs anymore. Rusty is young, fresh, sympathetic and adds lightness even if his story is heavy the actor manages to bring energy in other wise dull show. I mean come on, I dare you to watch the first 3 or 4 eps of season 1 Closer and then any ep of Major crimes. See the difference?

  • rusty as nails

    for a street smart character, rusty is totally clueless and whiney. if the writer have created a character based on clichs. His story is stale and boring. its like sounder and of mice and men put together.

    i just mute the dialogue everytime he approaches on screen. Furthermore, a chess player who thinks of strategy 20-50 or more moves ahead is so naive. he is not a complex character, he is a dense character.

    if fact rusty is a good name because his mind is not as nimble as the much older characters on the show.

    i have a hard time understanding why rusty was written into the it cannot be his sexual orientation because being gay is so yesterday.

    maybe it the days of our lives part of the series.
  • Major crimes

    If this show has any chance they have got to get rid of the new .
  • major crimes

    if it wasn't for George, this show would be a dud. aside from that the new prosecutor is redic. get rid of her asap

    bring back Kyra, plz
  • Major Crimes

    It is a great show why is it not on Chanel nine anymore I score a 9.9
  • Major Crimes

    Need to get rid of the new DA or rewrite the script because she is definitely not a good choice and usually the DA doesn't show up at crime scenes. I love the show and hope they do not cancel it just get rid of this NEW DA.
  • Awesome Police Episode.

    I thought this was pretty great show of the capability of the LAPD. I thought wow at the resources and planning they can deploy. Most impressive. Am not sure its real but they sure looked great in this episode. Something tells me there's the beginnings of a spin-off in all of this.
  • Major Crimes 2013

    I was very pleased that the end of the Closer did not mean the end of our Major Crimes detectives. They are awesome. And, surprisingly, I have really gotten to like Captain Raydor. But, what is a little scary is the fact that there is no way this show is going to survive the new DDA Rios. She can't act and is nothing short of obnoxious! Had lunch with some friends today, friends who also think Major Crimes is one of the best shows on TV. Three of them have stopped watching the new season already because of DDA Rios. Please, please eliminate her before the show is cancelled.
  • Will miss this show

    I didn't think the show would be good without "Brenda Lee" but it is. Different but a good. I miss Brenda, and hoped she would make an appearance. But Mary McDonnell does an excellent job. I read some don;t like "rusty" but I do. I find myself pondering how Mary and the boy interact, even days after the show, and that rarely happens to me. I find the show to be poignant and exciting - great story line. I also like the way police officers are shown to be effective AND have a heart. Wish the show had more episodes though. Thanks!
  • Major crimes

    I enjoyed the show. Will not be watching it again. Ruined it with Rusty.
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