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  • Enough of the Rusty crap!!!

    What a waste of what was at one time a good old fashioned "who done it" program. This gay crap & gay kisses has nothing to do with crimes. After all the program title is Major Crimes not major gay problems for a bad actor. And hasn't anyone told Ryder how to talk without whispering?? I feel bad for the cast members whom are trying to make a doomed program likeable. The Rusty crap has finally made me & many, many of my family & friends stop watching this awful program.
  • Boring and Snoring

    I used to enjoy the closer and was really looking forward to Major Crimes continuing on with some of my favorite characters. What a disappointment! There is no humor in the show anymore ... everyone is droll. Captain Raider's monotone and expressionless voice puts me to sleep. Rusty acts too juvenile for a person his age. His whining and stuttering annoy me. I blame the writers for not coming up with better plots. Its become so corny i feel like im watching Matlock. It also seems like they have to have every character in every scene and each one takes a turn saying something which doesn't give you the feeling they're having a real conversation but rather reading a script. Like others I fast forward through the show to get to a point where something interesting might happen but it just doesn't.

    New Script: Provenza gets a call from the street cops that there was a murder. Provenza recognizes the address as Sharon's apartment. The Team rushes over to see what's gong on. They find Rusty mortality wounded by his boyfriend who shot him in a lover's quarrel. Sharon rushes over to Rusty whose last dying words are "I'm sorry Sharon. We had a stupid fight and I had told him you stored a gun here for our protection. Thank you for all you tried to do for me". He dies in her arms. The Team arrests the boyfriend and drags him off to jail. Sharon goes into depression and they replace her with someone who actually owns a personality. Ratings go through the roof! It's a win, win script!!!
  • Get rid of Rusty

    I am tired of him. Winey little twit. Are there new writers? If so, get rid of them too. Very disappointing show. Rusty walks into the detectives room, there are pictures on the walls of crimes, they are discussing crimes, he also busts into the Captain's office when she has people in there. She just smiles and talks in her whisper voice which is getting on my nerves. If Major Crimes returns and Rusty is still done.
  • Rusty downfall of Major Crimes

    We have been fans of The Closer and now Major Crimes for a long time. But now the show has turned into a comedy with the character Rusty hanging out in a crime division and getting into police business each show. We the audience want to watch a real crime show, which Major Crimes is not anymore. The Rusty character overshadows and dominates every show. There is zero intellect in these shows, which says a lot about the creator, producer, director, and writers. Sad that they don't realize that they are living in a Hollywood bubble and a majority of viewers just want to watch a quality crime/police drama. They are losing their viewers who now prefer to watch reruns of Perry Mason, CSI, Law & Order, etc. There is a reason that Law & Order was on TV for decades. Not only for the quality, but also it was a top notch crime drama. Major Crimes has turned into a Rusty soap opera. The really good characters on the show have been shoved into the background.. I have now removed Major Ceimes from my favorites show to record. The producers and writers should get the Acorn streaming and watch some of the British crime show. This is how to do it!!!
  • Major Crap.

    The only "Major Crimes" committed on this show are the writers taking phenomenally talented actors and leaving them in the background and with hardly any lines only to play second fiddle to this whiny, annoying, terrible excuse for an actor with only one face for ever emotion (Squint confused face)-aka Rusty. Ths show should change it's name to " The Chronicles of Rusty (and occasionally some actual crime solving drama)". He and his character suck- no pun intended. Why does every single episode revolve around him?? No one cares!!! We want to watch the rest of the cast we fell in love with on The Closer actually fight crime. I don't want to watch Rusty research victims, I want him to BE a victim- that would be a great story line and you better believe people would watch. I can't even sit through his scenes at all. He should have never been carried over from the series finale of The Closer. His acting ability is extremely one dimensional, his voice is annoying as hell and the whole show has turned into a circus . It's not even about crime anymore!! Now every episode is about this cry baby hanging out at the police station with his stupid paper job and none of it makes sense. No police station would allow some random kid access to confidential information on an open case and interfere with potential suspects while they are investigating a case. Why not take this opportunity to allow the other characters some of their own personal stories to be highlighted I think by now they've earned it. Or better yet , MAJOR CRIME. This show is awful compared to its predecessor. Bad and cheesy and unbelievable. Get rid of rusty, get somegood stories, Teach radar how to act with dimension, and throw in a few special guests. get rid of this terrible distraction. If I was a member of the squad, I would have killed myself by now having to constantly endure his presence and childish shit at the office. It's a police department- Not Middle school, not a Daycare, Not a Junior College to teach life skills, and not a guidance counselors office. He has zero business being in the show. Remove him,for the love of GOD. show is headed towards cancellation.
  • Why is this the only show that makes Gay such a big deal?

    I don't have anything against gay, lesbian or bi-sexual's. I have been in same sex relationships so I guess I am considered bi. But my attraction to someone does not define me. This TV show pushes the gay, Rusty storyline too much and too far. Would a young girl ask her adopted father if it was ok to be in relationship with someone much older? Would it be a storyline? No. Because nobody wants to know about that kind of story when watching a crime drama. I watch all the good crime drama TV shows and none of them focus soo much on gay relationships? It seems like the writers are trying to get the audience to know and like Rusty so they will like all gays. It doesn't work that way. Rusty's character would be fine if he could move beyond his sad past and just be gay in quiet without it creeping into every episode. When you start putting the same focus on the heterosexual relationships then it will be equal, and it will then be a romance show, not a crime drama. Do you not understand we don't watch the show to find out how Rusty is doing this week? We watch because we like crime drama. But we don't watch to have the gay agenda's being pushed down our throat. Being Bi, even I find this annoying. Tv shows don't have to be about who characters spend time in the bedroom with. I can't imagine why straight people would watch this show more than one time. I've stopped watching until I happened to watch an old episode recently which reminded me why I stopped watching. I miss the old days when media, including TV shows did not try to change what is appropriate in society and what is not. I never advertised my relationships whether they were same sex or opposite sex. Maybe this TV show could consider why people watch this show. It isn't for Rusty, his past life or his current boyfriend. I was raised in foster care and ran away at 15, I don't think every person I meet wants to hear about what I did to survive. Just like we don't want to be reminded about Rusty and his choosing to have sex with men in Hollywood. In reality, young men can be straight prostitutes, if they choose. But the gay choice, was the choice the gay made in the character background, but we are tired of it. Let's do crime drama. Maybe the writers should watch Bones, all NCIS shows, all CSI shows, Hawaii Five 0, Stalker etc. None of those shows focus on the sexual preferences of a character. They may have relationships but the gender or type of relationships, is never a focus of every episode. That's what we want to see. Real crime drama. If we want to see a show about gay people, we can watch reality TV, there are plenty of those shows to pick from.
  • Retire Rusty

    I quit watching Major Crimes after Rusty Came I came back hoping he was gone, and after reading the Comments I am not the only one that he drives he is on doesn't make sense, terrible actor an should not be in a Squad kid is he in real life has to be connected because he is bringing down this show. I will check back in 6 months crossing miss all the other great drop Rusty
  • Get rid of Rusty

    We are sick of Rusty and his problems. We watch the show because we like the characters from "The Rusty' character is completely unbelievable. No police department would allow a kid to wander around and see and hear all that was going on. Send him off to college and give us a break.
  • major crimes

    I used to enjoy the show but the ever present Rusty has ruined it for me. Gotta be the worst actor on tv . Whose kid is this? Has to be nepotism!
  • Rusty

    Hate the Rusty Show aka Major Crimes! Just when it gets Good Here's Rusty!

    Still Rusty on Show after Last Year!


    Get Him Off a Good Show!

    TNT You are Wasting Money on His Character!

  • Please - lose the Rusty character.

    I thought I was the only one. I suffered with the direction this show took once the character Rusty was introduced to Major Crimes. I loved The Closer and watched it all the time. When it changed to Major Crimes, I still watched because the ensemble cast was so strong; I thought the magic would continue. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Rusty character is so bad, so draining, so painful to engage. He is insufferable, boring, annoying and unbelievable. Why do you continue with him???

    I dislike Rusty so much, I stopped watching. I couldn't bear his character, the storyline around him, and the unbelievability of his presence at all. How is he allowed free access to everything?? To evidence from cases, to intimate details, to witnesses, even?! It's RIDICULOUS!

    And the insistence of pushing his sexual orientation is annoying, not needed and unwanted, but I realise it is par for the course. Every single show on TV has gay characters now. And I guess the producers wanting to be on the bandwagon, to seem current, to gain that demographic, to engage younger viewers, have to saturate half the show with this storyline.

    Newsflash: it's a crime drama, not a romance, not a novella or a soap opera. If he is that, then write about it with sense and balance. Because this right here, this ain't working. A person is not only their sexuality. In fact, their sexuality is the lowest part; there is so much more to avail yourselves of. Why is so much time dedicated to that? Make better use of your writers or get new ones.

    I used to just switch the channel when Rusty would come on screen and then turn back, but then I just kept away from the show.

    Often times when channel surfing, I will land on Major Crimes on TNT, and 9 times out of 10, who was on the screen: bloody Rusty! I couldn't switch the channel fast enough.

    Last night I watched for the first time in a long time because NOTHING else was on. And there was Rusty AGAIN - all up in the middle of everything. I painfully sat through it but I doubt I will watch again until Rusty is taken off.

    Who is this actor? Is he a family/friend/mate of someone high up? He alone gets about half of the show's airtime. I wonder what the other actors think about that?

    They love this character so much, but it is dwindling the viewership of the show. I rarely ever care about things like this; TV is just entertainment. But this franchise was one of the very few good shows on TV and with so little to choose from, I hate to see it fall away because of something that can easily be fixed. As others have said, please send him to college.
  • Last time watching

    I agree with most of the preceding posts. I have had it with the horrible acting of "Rusty". I have been able to record the past episodes and fast forward past anything with his face showing.
  • Rusty

    GET RID OF RUSTY!!! So boring and really doesn't belong on this show!
  • Ugly Show

    Rusty is plain awful! Bad character, worse actor. And his mommy? Close second for bad and worse.

    I can't bear watching the show but it's one of my wife's favorite shows, so.... .
  • Stopped watching Major Crimes

    It seems the focus lately has been on Rusty - his life, his problems, everything. The last episode I watched was too much Rusty. It's time to move Rusty out of the Squad room, let him go away to college or something. I love all the characters in the show and I will miss them. I will watch reviews and if I read that the network and writers gone back to good crime stories, I will watch again. Good bye Major Crimes.

  • Really Disappointed

    I've recently been watching reruns of The Closer, which had many of the same characters as Major Crimes and I'd forgotten how good that show was. I can't say the same for the spin-off. It seems like the only plot line these writers can come up with involves the Rusty character's homosexuality. Surely somewhere in Hollywood there must be at least one or two straight writers.

    I'm going on hiatus as a viewer.
  • Entertain don't wash my brain

    I enjoy the stories and characters of major crimes. However, I feel manipulated when special interest groups insinuate messages into the show to direct our moral compasses. Case in point, the bit where 18 year old Rusty asks his adoptive mother if its ok to pursue a homosexual relationship with a man half again his age (well 26 isn't exactly half again of 18 ... that would be 27). Why would the crime drama viewing audience wish to see a respected figure of authority advise on sexual issues and tacitly approve of such a dramatic age mismatch as well as a homosexual relationship?

    I want to be entertained, not trained.

  • Rusty? Seriously??

    I really want to like this show but truly dislike Rusty. What police department uses taxpayer paid staff to babysit him, help him with homework, chauffeur him around, put up with his whining, etc? What reputable department allows a kid to witness all the evidence and stuff surrounding active crimes? Sharon seems to be such a strong woman until she talks to Rusty and then she sounds so sugary it's sickening. It would be a good show without Rusty. I don't understand what the writers think he adds to it. I so loved the Closer and while I like the story lines (sans Rusty) on Major Crimes, I'm about ready to look for something better to watch.
  • Demographics reality

    Hollywood does have an agenda; to push liberal ideas until everyone believes the way they do. Only 4 percent of the . population claims to be gay, lesbian and transgender. So why are they getting so much attention? Major crimes needs to lose Rusty. He is an awful character and actor. I want the old crime show back.
  • What is wrong with the writers.

    Have watched the show from the beginning. It is not nearly as good as the Closer but I blame that on the writers. It really should have it's name changed to the Rusty Show. They have a lot of great actors on that set to carry the show from without a a new Rusty plot week to week, after all it is called major crimes.

    Move on, and write a good script or I will be moving on with another show. Writers of the show please take your own personal social agendas and problems in life home with your and keep them off the scripts and write a crime show like the 1st season please. The first season would be a 10.
  • This show sickens me!

    it's truly a shame this show started with such great promise. Now the only way I can watch is by recording it, that way I can fast forward through all the disgusting parts. It's a shame that writers have to mess up such a good show. It seems it more important to the writers to send a social message then provide quality entertainment. Hollywood stop with the visual assault on the viewers.
  • Please get rid of Rusty

    We love Provenza and the other characters. Rusty does not add anything to the drama. He takes away from the focus. Solving crimes
  • killing the show

    The Rusty character and all the gay stuff is now too much for me to continue watching the show. Stop force feeding a gay relationship on series that should be about crime solving.

  • Please, NO MORE RUSTY!!!

    Painful to watch him whine, whine, whine!! Gonna quit watching real soon cause I'm wearing out the skip forward button! Score would be 8 or 9 without him.
  • No Nancy Drew please!

    Get that kid, Rusty OFF the

  • Rusty

    If u don't get rid of rusty we are done watching.
  • Rusty Detracts From Show

    Major Crimes is a good show about crimes committed and solving them. Adding the sappy drama of Rusty and Gus and emphasizing their gay relationship detracts from the show completely. Clearly, the writer has a specific agenda. After watching the most recent episode of Rusty and Gus kissing and saying I love you to each other, you can count me out for watching the show. What is the purpose of this? What does this have to do with "major crimes?"
  • Get rid of Rusty

    To: Major Crime Studio

    I write to ask you to remove "Rusty" from the show. I think he is an asshole and he makes me sick. Whenever he comes on, I fast forward. I really don't care about him or his gay problems. I would appreciate being able to watch the show and enjoy it again. He is always whining. If I would want that, I would have stayed with my ex-wife.

    Thank you

    R Mumma

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