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  • Really Disappointed

    I've recently been watching reruns of The Closer, which had many of the same characters as Major Crimes and I'd forgotten how good that show was. I can't say the same for the spin-off. It seems like the only plot line these writers can come up with involves the Rusty character's homosexuality. Surely somewhere in Hollywood there must be at least one or two straight writers.

    I'm going on hiatus as a viewer.
  • Get rid of Rusty

    We are sick of Rusty and his problems. We watch the show because we like the characters from "The Rusty' character is completely unbelievable. No police department would allow a kid to wander around and see and hear all that was going on. Send him off to college and give us a break.
  • Why is this the only show that makes Gay such a big deal?

    I don't have anything against gay, lesbian or bi-sexual's. I have been in same sex relationships so I guess I am considered bi. But my attraction to someone does not define me. This TV show pushes the gay, Rusty storyline too much and too far. Would a young girl ask her adopted father if it was ok to be in relationship with someone much older? Would it be a storyline? No. Because nobody wants to know about that kind of story when watching a crime drama. I watch all the good crime drama TV shows and none of them focus soo much on gay relationships? It seems like the writers are trying to get the audience to know and like Rusty so they will like all gays. It doesn't work that way. Rusty's character would be fine if he could move beyond his sad past and just be gay in quiet without it creeping into every episode. When you start putting the same focus on the heterosexual relationships then it will be equal, and it will then be a romance show, not a crime drama. Do you not understand we don't watch the show to find out how Rusty is doing this week? We watch because we like crime drama. But we don't watch to have the gay agenda's being pushed down our throat. Being Bi, even I find this annoying. Tv shows don't have to be about who characters spend time in the bedroom with. I can't imagine why straight people would watch this show more than one time. I've stopped watching until I happened to watch an old episode recently which reminded me why I stopped watching. I miss the old days when media, including TV shows did not try to change what is appropriate in society and what is not. I never advertised my relationships whether they were same sex or opposite sex. Maybe this TV show could consider why people watch this show. It isn't for Rusty, his past life or his current boyfriend. I was raised in foster care and ran away at 15, I don't think every person I meet wants to hear about what I did to survive. Just like we don't want to be reminded about Rusty and his choosing to have sex with men in Hollywood. In reality, young men can be straight prostitutes, if they choose. But the gay choice, was the choice the gay made in the character background, but we are tired of it. Let's do crime drama. Maybe the writers should watch Bones, all NCIS shows, all CSI shows, Hawaii Five 0, Stalker etc. None of those shows focus on the sexual preferences of a character. They may have relationships but the gender or type of relationships, is never a focus of every episode. That's what we want to see. Real crime drama. If we want to see a show about gay people, we can watch reality TV, there are plenty of those shows to pick from.
  • The Closer Fans

    Overall Great Show !!

    but I miss Brenda, please please get her as guest appearance sometimes, after all she is new Chief DA Biro Investigation if I'm not mistaken it should be related sometimes.
  • Great Show!

    Although not perfect, Major Crimes does an amazing job as a crime drama television series which did an amazing job transitioning from The Closer to the beginning of this series. Unlike most crime dramas I watch such as Castle, CSI and Bones, Major Crimes has a kind of realism to it. No particular individual is uncannily smart or amazing at what they do (eg. Bones where is a highly sought after anthropologist or Castle where Kate Beckett is seen as almost like a celebrity and Castle is a well received crime writer) however as a team they respect eachother and work well togethe. With reoccurring storylines things tend to get a little on the unbelievable side however things do need to be changed up a bit for people to stay interested, so I respect that.

    Major Crimes also tries to include all types of people Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Whites and even Gays within the main storyline. It's not overwhelming and they dont shove it in your face. Its just there.

    They solve crimes, the personal drama doesn't usually get incorporated into the crime and is usually just a back story - sometimes annoying but like I said - needed to keep people interested. (If you want to watch people just solve crimes go watch a true crime show)

    Not perfect, but I love the show for a reason. Major Crimes, you're doing something right.
  • I almost agree to get rid of Rusty

    You really missed a lot in Rusty's story line. first of all you portray him as level headed kid after coming off the streets and nearly getting killed. This kid needed mental help and still does. He befriended a girl while in school and you had a really good story line. But you changed it and went Gay and had Sharon okay a relationship with him and a older man who could be portrayed as a pedophile. If you don't want to lose a loyal viewer please change the Gay thing after it is a crime show.
  • Get rid of Rusty and the ridiculous comb-over

    Agree with all of the comments about Rusty and the ridiculous Sharon-Rusty novella. Also, he is soooo miscast. He has to be at least 35, not in his teens. AND his comb-over is almost as lousy as the Donalds!
  • Entertain don't wash my brain

    I enjoy the stories and characters of major crimes. However, I feel manipulated when special interest groups insinuate messages into the show to direct our moral compasses. Case in point, the bit where 18 year old Rusty asks his adoptive mother if its ok to pursue a homosexual relationship with a man half again his age (well 26 isn't exactly half again of 18 ... that would be 27). Why would the crime drama viewing audience wish to see a respected figure of authority advise on sexual issues and tacitly approve of such a dramatic age mismatch as well as a homosexual relationship?

    I want to be entertained, not trained.

  • Something Wrong

    I am seeing a contradiction between the posters and the number of thumbs down votes. The posters who say the Rusty has ruined the show (myself included) overwhelmingly outnumber those who like him, but most have more thumbs down than thumbs up. Looks to me that someone is stacking the thumb vote!
  • Never Ending Ending of Stroe

    I really like this show, but tonight's cliffhanger is frustrating. I have lost interest in the obsession with Stroe. Let's dispense with his capture quickly, and then move onto a different story line, or to his trial. Maybe he could die in an auto accident, or have a heart attack, get robbed and shot, but please end the interminable Stroe story line.
  • Storyline did NOT have to go into the gay-ness agenda

    I will not watch any more Major Crimes. Last night's show went over the edge. Stop pushing the gay agenda on everyone. This did not add anything to the series and I would rather not see it.

    I'm done with Major Crimes. Rusty should have been written off in the second season.
  • I Just Want To Watch A Show...

    Here's a tip for the writers of Major Crimes. Quit trying so hard to be cultural reformists and just write a good story. All you do is dilute the characters so that show is more like an after school special than an adult drama.
  • rusty as nails

    for a street smart character, rusty is totally clueless and whiney. if the writer have created a character based on clichs. His story is stale and boring. its like sounder and of mice and men put together.

    i just mute the dialogue everytime he approaches on screen. Furthermore, a chess player who thinks of strategy 20-50 or more moves ahead is so naive. he is not a complex character, he is a dense character.

    if fact rusty is a good name because his mind is not as nimble as the much older characters on the show.

    i have a hard time understanding why rusty was written into the it cannot be his sexual orientation because being gay is so yesterday.

    maybe it the days of our lives part of the series.
  • Major Crimes

    It is a great show why is it not on Chanel nine anymore I score a 9.9
  • Please get rid of Rusty

    We love Provenza and the other characters. Rusty does not add anything to the drama. He takes away from the focus. Solving crimes
  • Rusty has overstayed his welcome...

    I wasn't very sympathetic towards the Rusty character from his introduction into the series. He was selfish, a hustler and manipulative then and he is even more a self-centered, deceitful, manipulative, whiner and scamster now. His character took advantage of Sharon when she was vulnerable and feeling unsure of herself as she took over Major Crimes. I love the show. I think it could be as good as The Closer if you just get rid of him. I thought you'd faze his character out by now because he is sapping the vitality of the show. And , now you make the whining, self-centered brat gay! I love the show but I am so sick of the Rusty character monopolizing EVERY program I'm about ready to change channels. The Major Crimes cast needs to get back to doing their jobs and investigate and solve crimes along with a little humor and more involvement of the other characters.
  • Episode and Rusty

    I think this episode was the first episode of the new show that was really good. I mean on the level of scripting I had expected after watching "The Closer". I do not need hard hitting violence, but I do expect a good crime drama with periods of comic relief or personal depth.

    Over the past 2 seasons it has been all about Rusty, his testimony, evolution of a new life and the changes in Provenza/squad as they all took on a more paternalistic role. That was all good, but it was too much. Was he supposed to be the replacement for Brenda's family?

    It became so much this season that whenever I saw him on the screen, I skipped over the dialog. I did not care to hear him at all. I wanted to focus on the crime drama not his personal issues.

    But that was me, my wife liked him.
  • My $0.02

    I still like the show well enough to watch but it could have been sooo much better. I don't hate the Rusty character but I can see why so many do. My gripe is that he crowds out the old cast. The spinoff should have been a golden opportunity to expand their roles. If anything, the opposite has happened - they almost might as well be gone along with Brenda. Provenza is little more than Rusty's chaperone these days. I thought we had seen the last of Rusty but it doesn't look like he's going the way of Wil Wheaton anytime soon.

    As for Raydor, she's an OK character but should not have taken over the show so completely. The Closer was much more balanced, especially when you factor in the departed Pope and Gabriel.

    [Edit 24Jul2014} I wish I could add new posts instead of editing the old one. The 21Jul2014 episode was a vast improvement. Rusty was appropriately peripheral. Julio got shot (again) because -and only because - he was warned not to use his weapon for "legal liability" reasons. The pacing was excellent, and all cast members - even Sykes - were incorporated into the action. I didn't follow why Fritz had to be the one to blow the perp's brains out, but it was satisfying to see him do it so dispassionately. More episodes like this could turn a borderline spinoff into a bona fide hit in its own right.

  • Awesome Police Episode.

    I thought this was pretty great show of the capability of the LAPD. I thought wow at the resources and planning they can deploy. Most impressive. Am not sure its real but they sure looked great in this episode. Something tells me there's the beginnings of a spin-off in all of this.
  • Two options, july 21 episode the best

    I think this week's episode, Two Options, was the best Major Crimes that has been made so far. It felt like The Closer and was back to police work. Of course having Fritz active in the show always helps. The way the filming was handled was outstanding. Helicopters, police on the scene and in the department, all working together. Loved it. What I didn't like was the woman in the red jacket who was a DA I think. Bad actress and added nothing. They could have just gone with the Chief's input and been fine. Hope Fritz ends up joining the show permanently. I agree that Rusty is annoying. He needs to go off to college and off the show!
  • leave Rusty alone

    Honesty, you all will hate me for this but I don't care. Just wanna say it.

    Rusty is the best thing that happened to this show since Major Crimes kicked off!

    Ever since Brenda left all the energy in the show just died. Brenda made everybody shine. She is such an amazing and charismatic actress that she infused every scene she was in with such buzzing energy that there was plenty to go around and make other actor combust with it. Sheron was a good character while she was in the Closer because she played well with Brenda but alone she brings the energy down. They have crowded her face with hair and glasses so much to cover up her age that you barely see the acting. Provenza is just old now (don't get me wrong I love him but still) everyone is old and heavy and it seems like the actors are not excited by their jobs anymore. Rusty is young, fresh, sympathetic and adds lightness even if his story is heavy the actor manages to bring energy in other wise dull show. I mean come on, I dare you to watch the first 3 or 4 eps of season 1 Closer and then any ep of Major crimes. See the difference?


    Alas, where is The Closer, This kid is absolutely annoying. Lets get back to the crime solving & the

    banter between the detectives. Perhaps they are after the TWEEN demographics, I am just about ready to

    chuck it after never missing an episode of the Closer & Major Crimes. Last nights was so boring

    Bad acting, Bad dialogue
  • How many more times?

    You have to wonder if this Rusty character is meant to deliberately annoy the audience. Or does the actor who plays him have a powerful relative in charge of the production?

    What is the little twerp as a civilian doing in the middle of the Major Crimes Incident Room listening to intimate details of a murder case, then relaying it to his psychiatrist?

    How many more times. We don't care about Rusty. The character is intrusive and gets in the way of things which make the show worth watching. Get rid of him already!
  • Rusty is human factor for the show, less of a cop show.

    This is the best writing, best acting show on TV today. People get hung up on Rusty, but he just makes Sharon shine. With all the stress, she can just calmly answer his questions. I am not always sure why it is important for us to see the show from Rusty's prospective, but this is still fantastic and worth waiting for.
  • Major crimes

    I enjoyed the show. Will not be watching it again. Ruined it with Rusty.
  • Enough of the Sharon and Rusty Show

    I was tired of the Rusty character last year, now we are building the character further. I can appreciate actors want jobs and empathize with that aspect, but the "major crime" appears to be perpetrated on the audience. If the producers believed this would add humanity to the former internal affairs officer's life, it is not working for me. Rusty is an unwanted distraction. Can we focus on police work again?
  • Get rid of Rusty

    I am tired of him. Winey little twit. The latest episode with the frozen head almost caused me to turn if off. That was awful. Are there new writer? If so, get rid of them too. Very disappointing show.
  • Why rusty is still in the show

    I stop watching during season 2 because i feel rusty as character just does not fit in a show like this. And it is just really annoying to see his problems intersect with every episode of crime solving. I understand teenagers with such background would have a lot problems of his own, but the way he behaves and all really make me hard to like him. And now when i watch season 3 and he is still in the show with his new problem (mother in rehab) just want to make me stop watching again. What does he contribute to storyline , why is he still in the show problem is the mystery i would never understand.
  • Where is the award winning writing?

    The monotone voice of Captain Raydor actually causes my TV to reverberate during her lines. I think my speakers are trying too hard to find a voice, a sound. And must we suffer through Rusty? He has no depth. I know I speak for many former, "The Closer" fans, when I say, we could not care less about that wining, self pitying Rusty. I fast forward through his scenes and I actually feel sorry for the actor. I wish the writers, producers and whomever else has any say would snap back to the mission at hand. Give us a good who-done-it with players we care about.
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