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  • Irreplaceable Rusty

    Major Crimes' characterizations are as excellent as The Closer's, including Rusty who adds even more depth and complexity to character and plot arcs. I love it, but it seems as if some writers left sometime during the first season. It is not quite as deep, and humor is unfortunately lacking compared to The Closer. The writing was one strong reason it was such a winner.
  • Love this show!

    Absolutely love the characters in this all but one. Nothing personal, but the character of Rusty just doesn't fit in. The part of the show with the detectives interacting to solve crimes is great. I understand showing a personal side of Captain Raydor but not the story lines with Rusty. Get rid of Rusty.
  • Boring and Snoring

    I used to enjoy the closer and was really looking forward to Major Crimes continuing on with some of my favorite characters. What a disappointment! There is no humor in the show anymore ... everyone is droll. Captain Raider's monotone and expressionless voice puts me to sleep. Rusty acts too juvenile for a person his age. His whining and stuttering annoy me. I blame the writers for not coming up with better plots. Its become so corny i feel like im watching Matlock. It also seems like they have to have every character in every scene and each one takes a turn saying something which doesn't give you the feeling they're having a real conversation but rather reading a script. Like others I fast forward through the show to get to a point where something interesting might happen but it just doesn't.
  • One change would make it great!

    Get rid of Randy or Rusty whatever his name is. His character is un-needed and takes up time.
  • One of the Best!

    I am among the many who really appreciate this series! Major Crimes has interesting and involving stories, some of which are stand-alone and some are a continuation of situations started in earlier episodes. It tends to keep things more interesting in wanting to see what's going to happen next with the private lives of the squad. Makes things more personal. I only wish the writers would let Rusty be less whiney and become more self-assured. I do understand the gist of what they're trying to get across with his character, but think it's time for him to hold his head high and walk proud. Just MHO.

    I am looking forward to many, MANY more episodes of this excellent drama! Not many other dramas equal this one in content and just plain interesting watching.
  • big fan

    I thought it was well worth the wait! Actors, Writers, Directors and everyone else involved did a great job. Love Rusty's next chapter, felt bad for Julio as he must have been reliving his wife's last days in the hospital and hope Andy is up and able very soon. I love this show and am glad it's back!

  • Always the best

    I don't have words to say how good Major Crimes is. It just keep getting better and better through the years, it's incredible!!!!

    A PERFECT cast with this awesome writing, could not be different.
  • Major Crimes A Real Treat

    Major Crimes continues to showcase interesting and intricate police stories in a way that doesn't at all feel procedural. It's strength lies in remaining with the diverse ensemble cast throughout the story - seeing it through their eyes and relating through their own humanity. Each of these characters brings something unique to the table - they aren't formulaic, but instead are real people, flaws and all. They are led by the indomitable Mary McDonnell, who brings all her unbelievable skill to the table in her portrayal of Sharon Raydor. Every week this shows asks a question of the audience, and leaves it up to them to answer it. It doesn't preach, it informs, and it's a trait unique to this show, and I believe is the secret to it being such a success and enduring long beyond it predecessor The Closer.

    Major Crimes is well worth the watch, and I recommend it with great enthusiasm!
  • The best show on TV!

    Where do I begin?! There isn't enough words to describe the brilliance of this show! It just gets better and stronger every season. The writing is intelligent, the characters are well developed and multi-layered, they aren't just simple and forgettable. I love every single one!

    The cast are AMAZING, I mean hello, Mary McDonnell's the lead! (Not biased in anyway, no not me ;) ) The chemistry between the actors is smooth and organic. They also always seems to strike the right balance between having drama and comic relief, providing us many memorable moments.

    The relationships are real, they're very human, they aren't rushed, we just need to look at how Sharon has progressed from the start with the team to where they are now. Her relationship with Andy has felt natural and hasn't felt pushed in anyway. We've been allowed to see their friendship blossom in to something truly lovely while seeing Sharon who has been hurt previously open herself up again to the idea of love.

    The show gets to your heart, or at least it does to mine, you begin to feel for the characters and invest time in them and want them to do well.

    This is a show is like no other, it's unique and special. It always will deserve more recognition and praise as enough will be never be enough.

    (I'm still getting over that Shandy breakfast scene :D So cute!!!)
  • Awesome Awesome Awesome

    I loved it, I couldn't wait till it came back. Great combo and mix. One of the best shows on tv. Love the dynamic between Rusty and Sharon, My only low pint is Julio. So tired of the sad sack face. Get over it or move on with him I say Otherwise keep them coming!!!!!!!!!
  • Getting too old.

    Loved the closer.. Thought major crimes was good but not so much anymore, they have Sharon stopping in the middle of a conversation as if an idea has just come to her, this is what Brenda always did, do not care for the romance going on with Sharon and Flynn. I think there must be different writers, if not let's face it, Sharon is no Brenda and Flynn is no frish. They are all getting too old for this,its time to close this case.

  • Great Show

    This show is really great and well written. I love it !!!! The actors are (almost) all so great it's what make this show amazing, thanks to the magnificent performance of Mary McDonnell as Captain Sharon Raydor and Graham Patrick Martin as Rusty Beck !! All the relationship between the caracters make the show really real and human.

    Must be watching.
  • Every character is just needed!

    I personally am not the hugest fan of Rusty but I think he's needed into the show. He's needed to explore that side of Sharon that we didn't know from The Closer: the mother! I agree he could whine a bit less sometimes and be maybe a bit less egocentric and self-centered but which teenager hasn't been? Plus his past didn't serve him rainbows and rabbits running in the fields so it might have a really influence on it.

    This is the only show (with The Big Bang Theory) that I follow since day 1 with passion and interest and impatiently wait for its return everytime, whether is a hiatus or the season ending. Of course some part can't be real because it's fiction, and as fiction like blood results takes 10 minutes to come back and an autopsy takes max 15, but it's the most realistic fiction I've seen so far, and I've seen a lot!
  • One of the best Crime Procedural Shows on TV

    The only people who hate this show are non-liberals who think every liberal show has an agenda, or people who hate Rusty (in reality Rusty, when he isn't being a little shit, is quite well written). When The Closer was on, it was applauded for it's in-depth look at a female cop juxtaposing her working life and personal life. Major Crimes is doing the same, but the first four years have focused on a female cop's relationship with a teenager instead of a boyfriend/husband. This is yet a different look into how female cops juggle everything, and it is very insightful to Sharon Raydor's personality. I, for one, am finding it breathtaking to watch Sharon evolve over every season. In 7 years, we've seen Darth Raydor turn to a loving mother, a fierce friend, an understanding Captain, and now, a hesitant girlfriend who needs to take it slow as her heart has been broken before. Every episode I'm learning new things about Sharon and her past based on how she reacts to situations. No other crime procedural is doing that, and that's what is fascinating about this show and The Closer. If I wanted JUST a crime procedural, there are 20 shows on television that I could watch. But I want a crime show with heart, with feeling and emotions and love and goodness. I want a show that is personal because I want to be invested in these characters, and I can't fully do that unless I KNOW them. I know these Major Crimes characters. I am invested in their future. I care about them. I must add one other reason why I like this show - the actors. I find TNT's reluctance to do any sort of advertising for this show deplorable. Yet, the actors are doing their part by getting on social media and giving us BTS photos and videos. They believe in this show so much that they are putting everything they have out there. That means something to me. Any show can be popular if their company advertises enough. But Major Crimes is #2 on TNT WITHOUT advertising. Why is that? Because this show, these characters, and these actors show HEART and DEDICATION. Because of that, I'm showing it too.
  • Major crimes !!!

    Adored the show !!!! Love it !!!! I hope they last forever !!!!
  • Major Crimes

    Loved this new episode. Great stories for the characters, beautiful intensity and lots of cute shandy moments. Can't wait to see the rest.
  • really????

    I love Major Crimes and the whole show since The Closer. I can't understand how someone can not love Mary McDonnell as Sharon Raydor should look after the big is going on in this show and I love it. Everybody does an amazing job. The . I'm not a fan of we need him . And you should never forget to respect an actor . Greets from Germany
  • Enough of the Rusty crap!!!

    I'm afraid that Major Crimes is going to loose ALOT of its fan base, including this one, if the character Rusty isn't dropped. It's an insult to us if Major Crimes expects us to believe that a gay runaway teenager

    can freely walk around a police station everyday. We want a good " who done it" crime show and not a whinny, bad acting, irritating voice numbskull taking the parts away from good actors on the show. The program is going to the dumps on a fast pace
  • I actually love this show

    Wow, this seems to be the place to come and comment about hating the show. I really love it. Love the dry humour and the characters and the police work. The Rusty storyline was turn the show off silly season three about the crush on the producer, but I'm quite happy with how things have gone in season four. This year he gets about five minutes of screen time total most episodes. I don't have a problem with gay characters on-screen, it reflects life, and I wish they'd bring the boyfriend back and lay off the Rusty as reporter stuff instead. Rusty is arrogant, and does need to be put in his place from time to time and it's annoying when that isn't done, but sometimes even Provenza or Andy can be written as so pig-headed they are annoying. I'm more aggravated by the continuing Stroh storyline, it's gone past the point where it should have been resolved and you just know around the end of the season, here he comes again. This is one of my favourite shows at present and I'm waiting for November 2nd and new episodes.
  • Rusty downfall of Major Crimes

    We have been fans of The Closer and now Major Crimes for a long time. But now the show has turned into a comedy with the character Rusty hanging out in a crime division and getting into police business each show. We the audience want to watch a real crime show, which Major Crimes is not anymore. The Rusty character overshadows and dominates every show. There is zero intellect in these shows, which says a lot about the creator, producer, director, and writers. Sad that they don't realize that they are living in a Hollywood bubble and a majority of viewers just want to watch a quality crime/police drama. They are losing their viewers who now prefer to watch reruns of Perry Mason, CSI, Law & Order, etc. There is a reason that Law & Order was on TV for decades. Not only for the quality, but also it was a top notch crime drama. Major Crimes has turned into a Rusty soap opera. The really good characters on the show have been shoved into the background.. I have now removed Major Ceimes from my favorites show to record. The producers and writers should get the Acorn streaming and watch some of the British crime show. This is how to do it!!!
  • Get rid of Rusty

    I am tired of him. Winey little twit. Are there new writers? If so, get rid of them too. Very disappointing show. Rusty walks into the detectives room, there are pictures on the walls of crimes, they are discussing crimes, he also busts into the Captain's office when she has people in there. She just smiles and talks in her whisper voice which is getting on my nerves. If Major Crimes returns and Rusty is still done.

    New Script: Provenza gets a call from the street cops that there was a murder. Provenza recognizes the address as Sharon's apartment. The Team rushes over to see what's gong on. They find Rusty mortality wounded by his boyfriend who shot him in a lover's quarrel. Sharon rushes over to Rusty whose last dying words are "I'm sorry Sharon. We had a stupid fight and I had told him you stored a gun here for our protection. Thank you for all you tried to do for me". He dies in her arms. The Team arrests the boyfriend and drags him off to jail. Sharon goes into depression and they replace her with someone who actually owns a personality. Ratings go through the roof! It's a win, win script!!!
  • Jumping the shark

    The climax of last night's episode when they rolled the gurneys into the morgue was really lame. My wife and I usually love the show, especially the unique cases, but this was bad. I basically agree with the complaints about Rusty. He needs to go. His character helped to humanize Raydor, but the subplots involving him have run their course. Between Rusty, Dr. Morales, Dr. Joe, and probably Buzz, I feel like I'm watching CSI: Fire Island, not Major Crimes. Enough with the gays. The Raydor/Flynn romance also seems contrived. I'd like to see more of Malcolm-Jamal Warner's character. Hopefully the show will return to its roots next season.
  • Demographics reality

    Hollywood does have an agenda; to push liberal ideas until everyone believes the way they do. Only 4 percent of the . population claims to be gay, lesbian and transgender. So why are they getting so much attention? Major crimes needs to lose Rusty. He is an awful character and actor. I want the old crime show back.
  • Last time watching

    I agree with most of the preceding posts. I have had it with the horrible acting of "Rusty". I have been able to record the past episodes and fast forward past anything with his face showing.
  • major crimes

    I used to enjoy the show but the ever present Rusty has ruined it for me. Gotta be the worst actor on tv . Whose kid is this? Has to be nepotism!
  • Ugly Show

    Rusty is plain awful! Bad character, worse actor. And his mommy? Close second for bad and worse.

    I can't bear watching the show but it's one of my wife's favorite shows, so.... .
  • Major Crap.

    The only "Major Crimes" committed on this show are the writers taking phenomenally talented actors and leaving them in the background and with hardly any lines only to play second fiddle to this whiny, annoying, terrible excuse for an actor with only one face for ever emotion (Squint confused face)-aka Rusty. Ths show should change it's name to " The Chronicles of Rusty (and occasionally some actual crime solving drama)". He and his character suck- no pun intended. Why does every single episode revolve around him?? No one cares!!! We want to watch the rest of the cast we fell in love with on The Closer actually fight crime. I don't want to watch Rusty research victims, I want him to BE a victim- that would be a great story line and you better believe people would watch. I can't even sit through his scenes at all. He should have never been carried over from the series finale of The Closer. His acting ability is extremely one dimensional, his voice is annoying as hell and the whole show has turned into a circus . It's not even about crime anymore!! Now every episode is about this cry baby hanging out at the police station with his stupid paper job and none of it makes sense. No police station would allow some random kid access to confidential information on an open case and interfere with potential suspects while they are investigating a case. Why not take this opportunity to allow the other characters some of their own personal stories to be highlighted I think by now they've earned it. Or better yet , MAJOR CRIME. This show is awful compared to its predecessor. Bad and cheesy and unbelievable. Get rid of rusty, get somegood stories, Teach radar how to act with dimension, and throw in a few special guests. get rid of this terrible distraction. If I was a member of the squad, I would have killed myself by now having to constantly endure his presence and childish shit at the office. It's a police department- Not Middle school, not a Daycare, Not a Junior College to teach life skills, and not a guidance counselors office. He has zero business being in the show. Remove him,for the love of GOD. show is headed towards cancellation.
  • Rusty

    GET RID OF RUSTY!!! So boring and really doesn't belong on this show!
  • Retire Rusty

    I quit watching Major Crimes after Rusty Came I came back hoping he was gone, and after reading the Comments I am not the only one that he drives he is on doesn't make sense, terrible actor an should not be in a Squad kid is he in real life has to be connected because he is bringing down this show. I will check back in 6 months crossing miss all the other great drop Rusty
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