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  • Mary McDonnell & Graham Patrick

    Mary McDonnnel is not a strong character! Need to get a strong woman role. Someone new would be great! Graham role sucks/ boring/ waste of film. Get back to the way it use to be! Your people on this set are turning into babies. I want strong independent people with balls! Not babies! Kyra Sedgwick Was great/ awesome need someone like her back ASAP. Everyone else is great. . Bailey, Anthony, Jon, Corey totally awesome! Loved The Closer please bring it back! Like Major Crimes could be better, allittle boring!
  • Omg worst acting ever

    Who is that dreadful woman? How is she on tv?
  • Get rid of Rusty.

    A great show but this kid Rusty brings nothing to the table. Kill him, write him out. Is he someone's relative?
  • MookieB

    I have suffered long enough with the disgusting, stupid, utterly annoying character of Rusty. He is not essential to the show and I have no interest whatsoever in his petty whining and know-it-all attitude that invariably leads to problems. ENOUGH ALREADY. If he comes back in December 2016 or anytime after that, I will no longer watch what was once a very exciting show. I'm up to here with this gay kissing on tv and that has to go, too. Nothing about that scenario has anything to do with crimes and I'm sick of every social issue being force fed to me via a tv show that should not be designed for that. Seems the whole HOW is now centered around Rusty and Gus. I love all the other characters but he has got to go or you will find your whole show cancelled in a New York minute. The writers and producers better make a decision soon or they won't need to.
  • Why not Rusty? Let's help out the Major Crimes writers. Tell them how to kill off Rusty!

    Why kill off the Assistant Chief? Why not Rusty? Truly one of the most repugnant, obnoxious, and unbelievable characters ever. I just read that this was part one of three episodes in a story line. Dare we hope the nasty neo-nazis might do this show a favor and kill Rusty? Oh please, someone save this show.
  • Get rid of Rusty

    The only way to fix the show.
  • Done with Rusty

    Show was good but now that Rusty thinks he is running the police dept time to end the sow. It is ridiculous now and time to cancel. Get Rusty to check himself - what a brat and a bore!! Any resemblance to a true police show went out the window with this kid just walking in to every interrogation. GET REAL!
  • Give me a break!

    Aug. 29, 2016: This is one of the most boring tv shows; mostly elderly actors and Rusty a 24 year old who is still trying to act like a teenager. Mary McDonnell is a bit better but still wooden and trying to make it sound as if it's as good as Rizzoli and even come close.
  • Not another kid!

    I just joined this forum to post my opinion about another kid on Major Crimes. Really??? The character of Rusty was bad enough, but at least now he is an adult (okay, sort of... :-) I will NOT watch another bratty kid. I'm done with this show. Only stayed for the great ensemble cast (with exception of Capt Radar who could be played by anyone IMO; such a low energy and boring character). I love all the other characters though. But that will not save it for me. I'm done. I refuse to watch stories about the little boy and Julio. That's not what I'm looking for in this show. just want a crime show, cases, investigations, bad guys arrested, etc. Is that too much to ask? Evidently. Writers think they are so cool with what they come up with, but the scripts are going downhill fast. The people (kids?) in charge now can't come up with anything good to save their lives. (not just this show - it's an epidemic). This was only 1 of 2 shows I even watch on TV (other being Elementary). Just one now. Most of the time my TV is off and I read and/or listen to music. Bye Bye MC. I guess I can always watch old Closer shows on DVD. (I watch old Alias shows on DVD. That was a great show! )
  • Values by Major Crimes' Writers Stinks!

    I'm done watching Major Crimes. I finally had it with the value writing on drinking problems, homosexual problems, marriage problems, single mother problems and the beat goes on! I hope this series "is" cancelled!
  • A little too rusty

    If they cancel the show, it will be because of that Rusty character.
  • Enough of the Rusty crap!!!

    What a waste of what was at one time a good old fashioned "who done it" program. This gay crap & gay kisses has nothing to do with crimes. After all the program title is Major Crimes not major gay problems for a bad actor. And hasn't anyone told Ryder how to talk without whispering?? I feel bad for the cast members whom are trying to make a doomed program likeable. The Rusty crap has finally made me & many, many of my family & friends stop watching this awful program.
  • Rusty Detracts From Show

    Major Crimes is a good show about crimes committed and solving them. Adding the sappy drama of Rusty and Gus and emphasizing their gay relationship detracts from the show completely. Clearly, the writer has a specific agenda. After watching the most recent episode of Rusty and Gus kissing and saying I love you to each other, you can count me out for watching the show. What is the purpose of this? What does this have to do with "major crimes?"
  • Major Soap Opera

    I loved the edge and humor of "The Closer," and enjoyed the first couple of seasons of "Major Crimes," but this show has become such a snore.. The plot with Rusty gets sappier with each episode, Sharon becomes more bland with every passing week, and the crime of the week gets third or fourth billing behind the personal issues. Thank God they finally gave Rusty a semi-decent haircut; I was ready to go through the TV with some scissors. WRITERS, GET A GRIP BEFORE YOU DON'T HAVE A SHOW!!
  • Captain Rayner Low Voice

    I love this show so much, but Captain Rayner's soft(trying to be sexy voice) is so hard to hear! I always have to turn the tv up than back down to hear her, it's the worst part of the show!!
  • The Rusty & Gus Show

    I LOVED The Closer. Miss Brenda Lee so much! I had learned to enjoy Major Crimes but it has turned into The Rusty and Gus hour. Is the producer of the show (whom also happens to be gay) pushing his own agenda here? Rusty should have left a long time ago. The show has good actors on it. Why don't we get more of their stories? Sharon can be so boring, And why did they have to throw her and Andy together? They have no chemistry together. Such potential for the show, but unfortunately it's going down the drain fast. Provenza is still great though.
  • Take the focus off Rusty


    Don't mind personal stories of the officers -but why are you making Rusty a main character. Stick to crime stories and solutions
  • Rusty time is minimal at best

    All you people complaining about Rusty: Time out exactly how much screen time is dedicated to him and/or his stories. It's only 2-4 minutes per episode on average during the course of a season. If it's more, he's integrated into another plot. It's usually less.
  • Get rid of Rusty

    The whole storyline with Rusty is lousy. I say send him and his adoptive mother Captain Raydor away. Her acting is horrible I can't stand the way she talks all monotone. I hope she accepts that position with the NFL, moves and takes Rusty with her.
  • Send Rusty to College

    I agree with other viewers about the Rusty plot. This is not a show about a runaway homeless male teenage prostitute who witnesses a murder, is threatened by the murderer, adopted by a nice police captain finds out he's gay and has a bad mother or is Give it a rest. Why not give Buzz, Amy, & Julio some back story and more screen time. I like the orginal characters well enough to watch just them. The Rusty character seems to have been added (in the writer's mind ) to bring in younger viewers but in fact is ruining what was once a good show. I did like seeing more of Amy in the last few episodes. It was nice to see some mature characters on tv for a change. I loved the Closer and really liked this show but this Rusty business is so 2 years ago.
  • Stopped watching Major Crimes

    It seems the focus lately has been on Rusty - his life, his problems, everything. The last episode I watched was too much Rusty. It's time to move Rusty out of the Squad room, let him go away to college or something. I love all the characters in the show and I will miss them. I will watch reviews and if I read that the network and writers gone back to good crime stories, I will watch again. Good bye Major Crimes.

  • Rusty

    Hate the Rusty Show aka Major Crimes! Just when it gets Good Here's Rusty!
  • What is wrong with the writers.

    Have watched the show from the beginning. It is not nearly as good as the Closer but I blame that on the writers. It really should have it's name changed to the Rusty Show. They have a lot of great actors on that set to carry the show from without a a new Rusty plot week to week, after all it is called major crimes.

    Move on, and write a good script or I will be moving on with another show. Writers of the show please take your own personal social agendas and problems in life home with your and keep them off the scripts and write a crime show like the 1st season please. The first season would be a 10.
  • killing the show

    The Rusty character and all the gay stuff is now too much for me to continue watching the show. Stop force feeding a gay relationship on series that should be about crime solving.

  • This show sickens me!

    it's truly a shame this show started with such great promise. Now the only way I can watch is by recording it, that way I can fast forward through all the disgusting parts. It's a shame that writers have to mess up such a good show. It seems it more important to the writers to send a social message then provide quality entertainment. Hollywood stop with the visual assault on the viewers.
  • Irreplaceable Rusty

    Major Crimes' characterizations are as excellent as The Closer's, including Rusty who adds even more depth and complexity to character and plot arcs. I love it, but it seems as if some writers left sometime during the first season. It is not quite as deep, and humor is unfortunately lacking compared to The Closer. The writing was one strong reason it was such a winner.
  • Love this show!

    Absolutely love the characters in this all but one. Nothing personal, but the character of Rusty just doesn't fit in. The part of the show with the detectives interacting to solve crimes is great. I understand showing a personal side of Captain Raydor but not the story lines with Rusty. Get rid of Rusty.
  • Boring and Snoring

    I used to enjoy the closer and was really looking forward to Major Crimes continuing on with some of my favorite characters. What a disappointment! There is no humor in the show anymore ... everyone is droll. Captain Raider's monotone and expressionless voice puts me to sleep. Rusty acts too juvenile for a person his age. His whining and stuttering annoy me. I blame the writers for not coming up with better plots. Its become so corny i feel like im watching Matlock. It also seems like they have to have every character in every scene and each one takes a turn saying something which doesn't give you the feeling they're having a real conversation but rather reading a script. Like others I fast forward through the show to get to a point where something interesting might happen but it just doesn't.
  • One of the Best!

    I am among the many who really appreciate this series! Major Crimes has interesting and involving stories, some of which are stand-alone and some are a continuation of situations started in earlier episodes. It tends to keep things more interesting in wanting to see what's going to happen next with the private lives of the squad. Makes things more personal. I only wish the writers would let Rusty be less whiney and become more self-assured. I do understand the gist of what they're trying to get across with his character, but think it's time for him to hold his head high and walk proud. Just MHO.

    I am looking forward to many, MANY more episodes of this excellent drama! Not many other dramas equal this one in content and just plain interesting watching.
  • big fan

    I thought it was well worth the wait! Actors, Writers, Directors and everyone else involved did a great job. Love Rusty's next chapter, felt bad for Julio as he must have been reliving his wife's last days in the hospital and hope Andy is up and able very soon. I love this show and am glad it's back!

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