Major Crimes

Monday 9:00 PM on TNT Premiered Aug 13, 2012 Returning Winter 2014



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  • I miss Kyra's sparkle but happy that the show must go on!

    I was so pleased that they continued this show as I fell in love with so many of the characters over the 7 seasons of The Closer. It is a bit hard to watch Captain Raydor's monotone personality but since adding Rusty it is nice to see a bit of her soft side. Is this just the way that she talks normally or is it the way that direction wanted to see her character? I think that I will google an interview with her not in character and find out for curiosities sake! Either way I am enjoying the show and still so pleased that almost all of the original cast are still around!! I hope that this show lasts quite a while and so pleased of the rumour I heard that they have renewed season 3!! Let's get at least 12 seasons out of this one!!! Maybe even Kyra can guest spot on a few episodes!! I do enjoy seeing Fritzy around now and then!! Too bad his show King and Maxwell floppedI enjoyed that onebut I guess it keeps him coming back to Major Crimes right?! I rated this show a 9.5 for the sole fact that I have not heard Sharon laugh or seen her cry just yet.
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