Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 16

Risk Assessment

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 23, 2013 on TNT

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  • Congressman's Attitude Against Blacks Sucks Big Time.

    So Rusty is going to be allowed in the task force and be apart of investing with the team, but like Buzz said Rusty's attitude does suck. Because he doesn't know anything about the team and like Buzz said again, doesn't even ask them how they are or how they're day is going (come back later to that). This case was very interesting for me on so many different levels (one in particular). There are two murders, victim one Tyler Rhodes and victim two Robert Keller and Keller was Congressman Keller's son. So the FBI and MC are doing a joint investigation, both murders are related, the first murder was committed by a gang known as the 12th street rounders. Through a video Robert describe's the murder of Rhodes saying there were only 3 gang members in the car and as we later find out through Robert's brother there were 4 gang members in the car. So they bring in Mrs Rhodes and question her and then the Congressman comes into the interview room and hear's what being said (this is the part i didn't like, being black myself, i wanted to reach through the TV screen and give the Congressman a black eye). (Ghetto Woman) (Lives like those people and die like those people) Who the hell are you, damn you really pissed me off. So the Idiot does a news conference and even the FBI and MC are pissed off by what he has done, all the work the FBI has been doing has just come undone. So the FBI and MC are arresting the Rounders street gang and they also picked up Daryl Walker (cousin of Rhodes). They interview Daryl and that's when he starts to explain how everything went down and who was involved, but the three gang members didn't shoot Robert Keller and while the Idiot Congressman rants and raves Captain Raydor figures out who the the murderer really was, Mrs Rhodes. She killed Robert Keller (really sad story). Shout out to FBI Agent MacCulroy and FBI Agent Howard. Rusty passes all his evaluations, so Sharon signs all the documents (i don't know if Rusty working with them is a good thing). Fantastic Episode Again, Pushing All My Buttons.
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