Major Crimes - Season 1

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TNT Premiered Aug 13, 2012 Returning October 31, 2017




Episode Guide

  • Long Shot
    Episode 10

    Major Crimes has to use the FBI and the help of a young boy to track a sniper who killed a judge; Rusty makes a decision that makes Lt. Provenza happy.

  • 10/8/12

    A man is believed to have died from a drug overdose may not have when new details take the case in a completely different direction. Some strange events leave Rusty and Captain Raydor wondering if he should have seen his father in the first place.

  • 10/1/12

    Lt. Tao questions his actions during a 2004 investigation when the murder conviction is overturned. While he works diligently to find the real killer, Rusty sees his father for the first time and, at Sharon's request, works to control his emotions as he spends time with his father.

  • The Shame Game
    Episode 7

    Major Crimes may have a tough time closing its next case because of the repeated leaking of confidential information, whose source they are having difficulty figuring out. Captain Raydor's decision to be the temporary guardian of Rusty gets more complicated as Children and Family Services finds out some information that may cause Rusty to be removed from her home.

  • Out Of Bounds
    Episode 6

    After the quarterback of a high school football team is shot and killed in gang territory, Sharon Raydor makes an unexpected move that could end her career and harm a team member. Rusty ponders meeting his biological father after receiving more information about his life.

  • Citizens Arrest
    Episode 5

    Major Crimes latest case gets help from ADA Hobbs who can hopefully take some of the pressure off the squad and close the case fast. DNA finds something out about Rusty that surprises everybody.

  • 9/3/12

    A life strategist, along with the FBI, is enlisted to help Major Crimes to solve the murder of a man who was preparing to testify against the Israeli mob. Provenza, who is in a vulnerable state, displays rare emotion with the strategist and Rusty has a bad day at school.

  • Medical Causes
    Episode 3

    The team deals with tangled facts and confusion in the aftermath of fatal car crash outside a nightclub. Meanwhile, Captain Raydor's duties as a temporary foster parent appear to be over after Rusty's mom decides to return and hopefully be his full-time parent.

  • Before and After
    Episode 2

    Captain Raydor is appointed head Major Crimes and may regret deciding to watch over Rusty, the foster kid and witness, as her regular duties increase. The team may have difficulty in solving a brutal homicide because the evidence surrounding the crime proves to be complicated and difficult to untangle. Meanwhile, Lt. Provenza regrets joining Major Crimes because of the many changes within the department and Captain Raydor may have trouble convincing him to stay.

  • Reloaded
    Episode 1

    Major Crimes division is still in shock over Chief Johnson leaving; Captain Raydor now has the responsibility of trying to gain the trust of the team under her leadership. With little time to adjust Major Crimes may have some difficulty to in reaching a plea bargain after a fatality due to a recent rash of grocery store robberies in the area. Detective Amy Sykes joins Major Crimes after providing much needed help in the case as an undercover cop. Sharon Raydor decides to look after a teenager who has run away and from his Foster family.