Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 8

The Deep End

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2013 on TNT

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  • Major Crimes.

    Another sad story, a body is found at a swimming coach's home, Charles Frey says that two young men broke into his home. Frey says the other young guy got away on foot, the murder victim was Mateo Torres also known as Matty which Frey shot. The Media turn this into a Racial Crime because both of the young men were Latino's and Frey is saying he doesn't know who the two young men were. But again this is where the story becomes very interesting and very sad as there was no other person there, it was just Matty. Frey sticks to his story and claims he doesn't know who Matty was, but he did. Meanwhile Raydor has to tell Matty's parents what has happen and thats where Frey's story starts to unravel, Matty was Frey's swimming coach from a very young age. (When Frey Said There Were Two Young Men That Broke Into His Home, He Was Talking About Raymond Suarez, Matty's Cousin). Frey dropped Mateo from the team and said his career was over because he couldn't keep up, which is so far from the truth than you could get. (Thats What Frey Told His Parents). What they find from Frey's home, all the swimming trophies all have Matty's name on them and then the most shocking evidence of all on Matty's computer. The whole Team watch the video including Rusty and basically it was a goodbye message from Mateo Torres, the video explains in detail that coach Frey has been molesting Matty for many years over and over again and no one knew, not even his parents (This Is Really Heartbreaking To Watch, Yes I Was Crying). But Matty wasn't the only one, there was at least 20 very young boys that Frey molested, but they cant arrested Frey because the Statute of Limitations has run out until one young man comes forth and tells his story. Mateo's father finds out about his son and takes matters into his own hands, when the police take Frey into custody, Albert Torres shoots Frey in the head (One Less Peadophile Walking Around). Flynn asks Sharon to accompany him to his daughters wedding and of course she accepts. (I Think Sharon Should Adopt Rusty). Powerful Episode. Very Emotional As Well. Thumbs Up.
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