Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 9

There's No Place Like Home

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2013 on TNT

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  • A bit too Quincy

    One of Major Crimes silly episodes that unfortunately didn't place Provenza and Flynn front and center. For a show that takes pride in pointing out the shoddy and unrealistic plots of other shows when MC do their sloppy episodes they tend to be nicely over the top.. sadly here they ape'd Quincy a bit too well with hammy characters and a wafer thin crime to unravel and a messy ending that felt more like a dream sequence than a murder sentencing.
  • Major Crimes.

    What a interesting case / storyline this was, firstly Provenza fails his DNQ tests but doesn't tell anyone just yet. The body of an ICE Agent by the name of Edward Dagby which turns out not to be suicide but a murder by the way of Anaphylactic Shock (An Allergic Reaction To Nuts) thanks to Dr. Morales. So Raydor sends the team to Dagby's residence where they meet 5 wonderful characters Pauline, Larry, Clayton, Howard and Vera who live in a apartment complex known as Lost Horizons. (Vera is interesting she cant see properly without her new glasses). As it turns out all of these 5 people hated Agent Dagby who just happened to own Lost Horizons. When the team go through Edward's residence, they find a bag with $80 grand inside of it, (The money was real but the Bag was fake). They start to interview the residence and all 5 of them remember seeing a bald guy with a red moustache and with a scar on the right side of his face, which they nicknamed Scarface. (Agent Dagby's break lines were cut on his car as well). According to Dagby's email account he was expecting to get $3 million from a developer to tear down the Lost Horizons and Provenza has this theory that all 5 tenants made up this person Scarface, as it turns Scarface walks into HQ and he is Agent Mark Evans. Agent Evans was investigating Dagby because he was working for customs at LAX for international flights and receiving contraband of certain items. Agent Evans is also a suspect because he thought of killing Dagby as well, but as it turns out he was at a karaoke bar singing and dancing. But Evans and Dagby were in business together, so Raydor sends the team back to Lost Horizons to re stage the crime. As it turns out Vera wasn't wearing her glasses and mistakes Sanchez for Flynn as Scarface and as it happens they all murdered Agent Dabgy, thanks to more evidence that Dr. Morales has turned up including the 911 call. Now back to Vera's glasses, Provenza wears them and passes his license to use his firearm. Not sure what is going on with Rusty, but if he doesn't want to see a Psychiatrist then maybe a Counselor. This Was a Fantastic Episode With a Great All Star Cast. Thumbs Up.
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