Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 3

Under the Influence

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 24, 2013 on TNT



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    • Rusty: Anyway, yes, yes, my essay is a little edgy for nuns, but I was supposed to write about my life, and that is what I did.
      Raydor: Rusty, this essay makes you sound arrogant and conceited.
      Rusty: Arrogant?
      Raydor: You are rewriting it.
      Rusty: Sharon, I was literally just--
      Raydor: Oh, no, I'm sorry. You want to keep your laptop and your cellphone?
      Rusty: You can't take my things away from me.
      Raydor: They are not your things. They are my things. And you can only keep them while making mature decisions. Which, in this case, means following the instructions of your teacher.
      Jason: (sarcastically) Sure she's not your mom?

    • Rusty: Hey. Does anybody have a minute? I'm in the middle of a huge crisis.
      Raydor: Does this crisis involve another threatening letter?
      Rusty: Uh, no. Look, we were ordered to write this practice essay for our college-entrance application, and my English teacher completely tore mine apart.
      Raydor: Rusty, that doesn't exactly sound like a crisis to me.
      Buzz: You haven't read the essay.
      Raydor: Oh, no.

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