Major Crimes

Season 2 Episode 17

Year-End Blowout

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 30, 2013 on TNT

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  • Big Ted Little Ted.

    Ted King Auto Sales is a father and son owned business and when Olivia King (Ted's soon to be ex wife) was suing him and the business, when she found out Ted was hiding money from her and she hired a private accountant to go over all the books. Now Ted was involved in an affair with Darren and he was getting a divorce from Olivia so Ted and Darren could get married, so with Ted laying off staff at the dealership that morning he wanted to leave in the Mercedes SUV. Once inside the SUV, it blew up with little Ted inside, detonated by using the Keyfob by someone else as the bomb squad said. As it turns out, the materials to make the bomb was purchased by Ted, or someone pretending to be Ted and as Detective Chan discovers there was two bombs, so now MC has to find the other bomb. MC and the bomb squad found the other bomb under Ray Winters car, using the same device, (but the first bomb was meant to kill Olivia not Ted). With Big Ted and Winters not willing to hand over all the documents, Olivia and her lawyer are interviewed and surprisingly her lawyer has all the documents from Winters by court order. Big Ted and Winters are surprised when Raydor and Chan show them all the documents, one in particular stands out Ted King Auto. Big Ted didn't know about that account, Ray Winters was embezzling money into a offshore account in the Cayman Islands under the name of Ted King Auto for 30 years. So Rusty with alot of help from Sykes and Lieutenant Cooper set up the operation for them to get the person who is after Rusty. So Cooper goes over the instructions with Rusty as he is wearing a wire and bullet proof vest, all seems to go well until when Rusty is about to leave when someone (who i really thought was the guy that wanted Rusty dead). It was believable all the way when Rusty got back in the car and Sykes pulled a gun on Rusty from the back seat. It was a test and Rusty was surrounded by undercover agents at all times, but he blew it. Another Fantastic Episode. This Show Is The Only One In My Favorites That Never Stopped Airing During This Holiday Season. Thumbs Up.
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